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Stake, Scale, and Deploy Nodes: Institutional Grade Blockchain Infrastructure

Supporting 40+ cutting edge blockchain networks with world-class enterprise infrastructure. We power the blockchain economy with an easy-to-use, secure and scalable node management platform.

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  • 500+ Validating Nodes Managed by Blockdaemon
  • $10B+ in Assets Staked Using Blockdaemon Infrastructure
  • 40+ Protocols Supported
  • 18K+ Nodes Launched

Investors Confidently and securely maximize return on
 staking yields.

Become a proof of stake validator and let Blockdaemon do the work for you.

With guaranteed uptime and slashing insurance, Blockdaemon is the infrastructure provider of choice for the largest holders of stakeable cryptocurrencies who want to maximize yield by running their own Proof of Stake validators. All managed in a highly secure, non-custodial environment.

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Stake your funds to Blockdaemon validators on the top blockchain networks.

Over $10 Billion USD in value is currently entrusted to Blockdaemon validators through non-custodial delegation in the top 20 blockchain networks. Our industry leading expertise in running highly secure and available infrastructure plus a zero-slashing guarantee has earned Blockdaemon the trust of cryptocurrency investors world wide.

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Developers Easily and quickly access blockchain data across supported protocols.

High Availability Load Balanced Dedicated Nodes

High availability, Load Balanced and Performant - the connectivity that exchanges, custodians, traders and analysts rely on for their blockchain access needs.

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Blockdaemon's Ubiquity API

A high performance, multi-chain API for accessing blockchain data across multiple protocols using REST or Websockets. Ubiquity provides full historical data across all supported protocols.

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Early access to Ubiquity is available to developers for free as we add additional supported protocols in the coming months.

40+ Supported Protocols & Integrations The list goes on...

Public, permissioned, or staking nodes – in the cloud or on bare metal servers with institutional grade security and monitoring. Access historic blockchain data with our high-performance, multi-chain API, Ubiquity and key integrations for a complete blockchain solution.

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