Bitcoin Lightning

Launch your nodes on the Lightning network, the protocol ‘layered’ on top of the Bitcoin blockchain allowing the speed of transactions to be faster and cost effective. Starting at $149/mo.

Connect to Lightning

Join the Lightning Network In Three Clicks

You can be active and opening Lightning channels with ease via Blockdaemon. Using our standard three click deploy, you can launch nodes in a variety of clouds around the world. You’ll get a Bitcoin node, plus the developer-friendly LND daemon from Lightning Labs. We add a dashboard as well, for easy operation of your lightning nodes from the web.

Custom-Tuned For Optimum Performance

Blockdaemon’s vast experience working with multiple leading blockchains has given us the experience and insight to develop our most custom-tailored nodes yet. Nodes optimized for the Lightning network are designed to get you into action quickly, without overbuilt specs. Easily run multiple channels and gain insight into your node’s behavior. Cloud computing allows Blockdaemon to scale your node, should the demands of the Lightning network -- or your node -- demand it.

Rapid Payments, Low Fees

As a Layer 2 network above Bitcoin, Lightning allows you to open channels for transactions that settle quickly. Additionally, with a focus on micropayments, Lightning nodes allow you to transmit funds with lower fees. If you want, you can even begin to make your node a hub for payments and provide liquidity to the network.

Bitcoin Network Access

The Lightning nodes, while being optimized first for Lightning performance, do include a Bitcoin client. When you need to send more funds, or you want the deep security of the Bitcoin network, you have access to it directly through your node. Connection instructions are available for both Lightning and Bitcoin. Why choose when you get both out of the box?

Secure by default

Financial operations require the strongest security possible, and Blockdaemon has gone beyond standard off-the-shelf offerings in hardening our nodes. All nodes require a unique authentication key to access. Calls without it will immediately fail. Additionally, we have added encryption to RPC calls to ensure data passes through securely, and are not passed in clear text. A custom security proxy also wraps our nodes to prevent malicious and unauthorized use. SSH access is not available on these nodes, which further reduces the surface area for attack.

Pricing & Capabilities

Personal Node
Availability ZonesUS East, US West, EU, EMEA
Cloud Hosting OptionsGoogle, AWS, Blockdaemon
Monitoring and Support24/7 + Private Slack Channel

Join The Lightning Network - Spin up your node in minutes

Connect to Lightning
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Blockdaemon empowers blockchain projects by seamlessly creating and managing decentralized networks across multiple providers. 18 month old company with live product for over a year with over a dozen protocols, we have the expertise to launch your nodes easily.

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The only multi-chain, multi-cloud network management tool that can deploy and connect nodes to blockchains within minutes.

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In addition to AWS, Google Cloud Platform and Digital Ocean, the Blockdaemon infrastructure provides faster deploy times and lower costs.