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Have you heard our big news? Blockdaemon has launched an NFT API! Essentially, we’ve made it easy for anyone to access Ethereum NFT Data. With market-leading features like real-time indexing, the Ubiquity NFT API is a unified single source of truth for NFT data. It’s currently in Beta release, and we’re still accepting signups

In other news, we have added four new investors; Citi Ventures, Salesforce Ventures, Telstra Ventures, and Invicta Growth. Needless to say, it’s been a very busy month.

Also, Blockdaemon has created a whole suite of staking guides and videos. These walk you through the staking process for several leading coins. Taking you from start to finish in clear, easy-to-follow steps. Why not give them a try?

Protocols covered include:

Blockdaemon was named Best Overall DeFi Company at the Fintech Breakthrough Awards.

Blockdaemon Adds Four Notable Investors 

On April 14th, Blockdaemon announced the addition of Citi Ventures, Salesforce Ventures, Telstra Ventures, and Invicta Growth as new investors.
“Blockdaemon, enables financial institutions around the world to engage in the cryptocurrency ecosystem through our stable and secure blockchain infrastructure” -Konstantin Richter, CEO and Founder, Blockdaemon.


Introducing Blockdaemon’s New Ubiquity NFT API

Access to quality data is vital for NFT apps. However, this data is hard to get hold of. It is fragmented across web3 and web2 sources, and often guarded by marketplaces. Without an API, access to consistent NFT data is practically impossible. With the Ubiquity NFT API, Blockdaemon now provides a single integration into Ethereum NFT data.


Blockdaemon’s New Chief Revenue Officer Geoff Clauss

Blockdaemon welcomes Geoff Clauss to the role of Chief Revenue Officer!   Geoff brings more than two decades of experience in sales leadership to Blockdaemon. He has previously worked at Anchorage Digital, Addepar, and Advent (now SS&C) to drive revenue growth. Now, Geoff brings his wealth of knowledge in fintech and crypto to help scale Blockdaemon even further. 

We are busier than ever at events. We’ve already locked in a lot of partnerships but continuing to add weekly! Check out our calendar HERE and if you want to connect, send us a note!


Blockdaemon Blogs

How Blockdaemon Supports the Gnosis Beacon Chain– Blockdaemon is excited to highlight our support for the Gnosis Beacon Chain (GBC).  This network runs a slightly modified version of Ethereum’s innovative Beacon Chain as the future consensus layer of the Gnosis (formerly xDai) Chain. Joining the Gnosis Beacon Chain offers validators an alternative way of participating in proof-of-stake in an Ethereum-consistent, real-world value environment. 

Blockdaemon’s Avalanche Summit Recap-The Avalanche blockchain combines speed, science and sustainability. Known for their blazing-fast transaction speeds and unique networking stack, the project attracted top projects and talent at the recent Avalanche Summit, 2022. Get the full recap of all things Avalanche Summit.

5 Reasons To Use The Ubiquity NFT APIBlockdaemon has connected institutions and developers to blockchains. We’ve helped them access staking, node management and on-chain data. We are now able to connect organizations to NFT data through our easy-to-use Ubiquity NFT API. Don’t know where to start with the Ubiquity NFT API? Check out these five use cases.

How Blockdaemon Supports Ethereum’s Open Source Client SoftwareBlockdaemon is excited to announce support for Ethereum’s open-source client software in preparation for the ’the merge’.  As part of our commitment, we’re providing $900,000 worth of IBM Cloud credits to fund Ethereum client stability testing. This will directly aid the Ethereum Foundation’s efforts, as they continue to strengthen robust client software in the run-up to Ethereum’s full transition to proof-of-stake.


The team continues to expand so check us out and apply!

And as always, get the latest on new releases and product updates: Check the Blockdaemon Blog, follow the discussion on Twitter and Linkedin, and feel free to reach out to us with any questions you have at [email protected]

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