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Message from Blockdaemon

We’ve been reflecting on how we can contribute to the investment in the future of humankind and collaborate with projects aligned with the vision of prosperity for all. We are proud to share our work with Celo, being a founding member of the Alliance for Prosperity, collaborating on the launch of MobileCoin’s TestNet, making advancements with the Web3 Foundation team and Polkadot, and much more. We hope that you continue to stay safe, healthy, and connected with those that can share in positivity.


Protocol Spotlight

Polkadot + Blockdaemon: Bridging Interoperability and Economic Scalability
Since we continue to approach blockchain infrastructure with an eye for simplicity and scalability, we opted to create a simple package that made it easy to install, run, manage and monitor a node on the Kusama network.

Blockdaemon became involved in the Kusama network early on, having seen the incredible potential in Polkadot and the team’s vision. In addition to running nodes on the Alexander testnet, Blockdaemon has continued to be active on Kusama and will look forward to Polkadot’s launch. Read more about our contributions to the Kusama and Polkadot network and encourage anyone interested to try us out by staking on our public validator or run your own dedicated validator node with us.

New Releases

We’re very excited to announce Blockdaemon’s support for MobileCoin, a new cryptocurrency designed to be used by everyone, on our platform. MobileCoin focuses on scalability, usability, and privacy to create high-performance payments technology that can transparently encompass the trade-offs that societies choose.

Blockdaemon will host high availability Validator nodes on MobileCoin’s TestNet. Users will be able to launch and control their own nodes using our simplified launch process. Read more about our partnership and sign up today to get up and running on their TestNet!

Celo launched their Mainnet RC1 and we are so happy to be contributing to the network launch. To kick off the system smart contract deployment, Blockdaemon proposed the first block and the first transaction on the Celo network was validated. We look forward to seeing the participation grow and the projects built using Celo. Stake for FREE on our public validator or run your own dedicated validator node today!

Blockdaemon allows easy access and launching of dedicated or enterprise nodes so that you can participate in the Tezos network and secure it via baking or delegating while avoiding dilution via inflation. You can propose network upgrades as well via your node. Tezos addresses barriers facing blockchain adoption: smart contract safety, long-term upgradability, and open participation. Launch today via the Blockdaemon platform!

Keep helps contracts harness the full power of the public blockchain — enabling deep interactivity with private data.  We are thrilled to support this week’s launch of the Keep network! Contact us to learn more about how you can participate.

We are proud to be featured at the top of the leaderboard for The Quest for Oasis this month. Developers can use the Oasis Gateway to streamline app development and break down barriers to adoption.

Oasis offers full-stack privacy with confidentiality built into every layer of the protocol. Get early access to the Oasis public Testnet, the layer-1, proof of stake, blockchain that leverages secure enclaves to keep data private, and a cutting-edge architecture designed for scalability.

News and Events

The Halving is the predetermined moment when Bitcoin’s block subsidy gets cut in half. The Halving creates predictable scarcity. Bitcoin Magazine is presenting non-stop coverage of Bitcoin’s third Halving with hours of commentary and analysis from Bitcoin 2020 speakers. Join the livestream mid-May!

Interesting Reading

  • Cryptocurrency for a Beautiful Planet: As an open source technology, Celo’s mission is to enable a financial system that creates the conditions for prosperity — for everyone.
  • Middle-tier protocols are becoming value capturers after the fat protocol era (article originally in Chinese): We believe that middleware projects can integrate network resources through compatibility with many underlying blockchains like the HTTP protocol of Web 2.0 , while creating value for many DApps.
  • Announcing “Crypto Asia TV” — Episode #1: Crypto is scaling in Asia far faster than in any other region in the world. More investment, more trading, and some believe, more innovation. Until you’ve been to Crypto Asia, it’s hard to appreciate.
  • MobileCoin + Blockdaemon: MobileCoin is excited to announce that Blockdaemon has joined our test network. We are proud to work with them on providing a fast, durable decentralized network for testing our technology.
  • Looking for the latest updates from Blockdaemon? Head over to our Help Center, read the latest updates about the protocols we support and join the discussions in our community!
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