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The cryptocurrency industry is in full bloom this spring as we wrapped up Q1 and see a really exciting Q2 ahead of us! As we witnessed the landmark moment of the Coinbase public listing and welcoming Gary Gensler as the new lead of the SEC, what has already been a booming year for the blockchain industry feels like it’s only getting started.

Prominent exchanges, custodians, wallets, and crypto platforms are pushing the envelope to make it easier to participate and create access to wealth for all. With cryptocurrencies being a nascent technology, popular primarily with early adopters, developments are now allowing us to enter a new exciting phase of global mass adoption. It is a significant moment for a thriving ecosystem of blockchain-based use cases and financial infrastructure which can revitalize existing legacy systems of payments and finance, and is likely to precipitate a new wave of capital investment into, and adoption of blockchain based infrastructure. With these exciting times in crypto, we are excited to share company and product updates this month!


Company and Product Updates


The Block Panel: Node Infrastructure and Why It’s Important

Blockdaemon’s CEO Konstantin Richter joined CoinShare’s Meltem Demoirs, Slow Ventures’ Sam Lessin and Solana’s Anatoly Yakovenko for The Block’s hosted panel discussion on the future of blockchain infrastructure and why it is so critical to the sustainability growth of the industry.

The Block analyst and host Ryan Todd covered topics ranging from infrastructure best-practices, to future governance experiments on next generation blockchains and the challenges associated with mobilizing financial and human capital in a distributed and decentralized global economy.

This was the first in a series of webinars sponsored by Blockdaemon that will be hosted by The Block – stay tuned for upcoming installments!

The summary of the talk and a recording of the webinar video is available here.

Navigating The Importance of Reliable Node Infrastructure

As more and more developers build using blockchain platforms, reliable and secure node infrastructure will become ever more important. Rather than focusing on the maintenance of a full node themselves, these developers would prefer to turn their attention to making their development environment more user-friendly and enjoyable.

We believe that looking after a node should be convenient, affordable, safe and fast. By taking away the low-level tasks involved with node management using a service like Blockdaemon, developers and businesses can focus on what adds value to their customer base while providing a secure, reliable service. Therefore, good node management is key to a great user experience. Read on here!

Migration for SKALE mainnet upgrade completed

Our engineering team has completed a full migration of our servers and infrastructure in anticipation of SKALE’s upcoming mainnet upgrade. The coming upgrade will focus on making the network even more modular and able to scale with the upcoming changes of Ethereum’s Berlin upgrade. You can read more about the planned network upgrade on the SKALE blog here.

Easily Deploy Zcash, Dash and Bitcoin Cash on Blockdaemon Marketplace

The Blockdaemon marketplace has listed three new protocols allowing users to spin up and pay for a full Zcash, Dash or Bitcoin Cash node in minutes. These are added to a long list of layer 1 protocols that Blockdaemon supports for easy deployment right from the marketplace. For any specific needs you have regarding nodes, high availability clusters or staking nodes, please reach out to us directly at [email protected]

Blockdaemon votes to support Proposal #44:
Enabling Ethermint on Cosmos

In an effort to continually participate in the on-chain governance of the Proof of Stake protocols we support and run validators for, Blockdaemon has voted ‘YES’ on Proposal #44 on Cosmos supporting the build-out of the Ethermint-chain. This would bridge functionality not currently possible on Ethereum by enabling much faster and cheaper EVM compatible transactions using the Cosmos SDK and Tendermint consensus protocol. More details about the proposal can be found here.


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