Blockdaemon incorporates GoChain allowing easy deployment of GoChain nodes

Katie DiMento

Today, we’re excited to share our newest public protocol release: GoChain, an Ethereum-compatible, decentralized blockchain that supports deployment of distributed applications (DApps) and smart contracts. GoChain is the first protocol to launch on our redesigned, Terraform and Kubernetes-based application. GoChain brings additional richness and depth to the platform with its high performance and interoperability.

“Blockdaemon makes it easy to deploy a public node in just three clicks. They’re the foremost multi-cloud platform solution that supports the leading blockchain protocols. Offerings like Blockdaemon’s truly drive adoption by providing an easy way to support public chains and help secure networks. We look forward to our partnership into the far future!” – Jason Dekker, GoChain CEO

Growing your Network with GoChain

The GoChain protocol has focused on high performance and low fees, while enabling scalability. GoChain is compatible with Ethereum and uses its own Go Token. Additionally, GoChain requires nodes to be located in different countries with independent ownership. Blockdaemon’s multi-cloud and multi-geographic by default approach allows GoChain to grow their network even more easily while not sacrificing any measure of decentralization. Developers can locate nodes wherever they wish and focus on transacting and building on the GoChain protocol.

GoChain itself uses a Proof of Reputation consensus model, which is why it has a clear mandate for decentralized and independent ownership. Validators are vetted and verified, and their ownership is transparent to the GoChain community. As there is a maximum of 50 of these validator nodes and no mining, GoChain has a greener footprint than Proof of Work based networks. GoChain can also reach transaction speeds that outperform Ethereum.

GoChain forces nodes to be in different countries, run by unrelated people/companies which aligns with our core mission surrounding decentralization and allowing nodes to be geo-load balanced — all via Blockdaemon’s cutting edge infrastructure built on Terraform & Kubernetes.

Get up and running on GoChain

Blockdaemon’s partnership with GoChain provides an easy way to join the GoChain public network – either by spinning up your own node or joining a shared node, on testnet or mainnet.  With GoChain’s PoR model, transparency is key since each company knows who is running each node and which country they are running it in. Companies can participate if they feel they can trust those running nodes and overall trust the network. This provides new ways businesses can work together using a public blockchain.

“GoChain is an exemplary protocol to add richness to our public blockchain protocol offerings. By accelerating deployment of DApps and smart contracts and offering fully backwards-compatibility with Ethereum, GoChain decreases energy consumption, maintains decentralization, and ensures geographical distribution to continue to push the needle forward. We are fortunate to work so closely with such a talented and experienced team in this space.” -Konstantin Richter, CEO


With just a few steps you can get up and running on GoChain – just choose your environment, cloud provider, and location and you are all set. To read more about our partnership with GoChain and its benefits, visit their blog. Our Help Center also has robust documentation walking you through everything from launching your node to connecting to a GoChain wallet. 

Deploy your GoChain node to get up and running in minutes – sign up today!