Blockdaemon is integrating FTX Pay into the Blockdaemon app

Customers will be able to purchase blockchain nodes using FTX Pay’s innovative payment platform. This will let customers pay with either crypto or USD. 

As the world’s largest independent blockchain infrastructure provider, Blockdaemon is proud to onboard FTX Pay’s crypto-native payment rails. In addition to our app integration, FTX Pay is now listed on Blockdaemon’s marketplace, as a supported payment platform. 

To learn more about how we can enable FTX Pay for your business, please contact us to register your interest. 

Read on to learn more about Blockdaemon’s adoption of FTX Pay. 

Why Did We Integrate FTX Pay?

FTX Pay enables customers to connect a crypto wallet to the Blockdaemon checkout flow. 

Customers will be able to pay for a node annually with FTX Pay. 

FTX provides a clear, intuitive UI. Users have greater flexibility over their preferred payment method.  

Blockdaemon’s world-class product and design teams are dedicated to crafting the best user experience. This includes offering seamless payment onramps. Such an onramp helps drive easy customer onboarding. 

How Will FTX Pay Benefit Customers?

FTX Pay opens up a new, innovative way for customers to get started with both USD and crypto. 

It is a low-fee alternative to traditional payment rails. It offers customers a fast, secure way of spinning-up a Blockdaemon node. 

FTX Pay is a new, frictionless way to connect Blockdaemon’s node offerings with crypto payments. 

Blockdaemon: Now Supporting FTX Pay

FTX Pay represents the next evolution of our crypto payment support. Following our successful acquisition of Gem, Blockdaemon will continue to focus on the innovative payment solutions of the future. 

If you’d like to learn more about our payment offerings, please contact us to register your interest.


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