Today, we’re very excited to announce Blockdaemon’s support for MobileCoin, a new cryptocurrency designed to be used by everyone, on our platform. MobileCoin focuses on scalability, usability, and privacy to create high-performance payments technology that can transparently encompass the trade-offs that societies choose.

“We love working with Blockdaemon. They are fast, responsive, and incredibly knowledgeable.” – Joshua Goldbard, Founder, MobileCoin

Building community around private payments

The MobileCoin protocol was designed for messaging apps like Signal and WhatsApp . It’s fast, with less than five-second transactions, has focused on easy wallet recovery, and fees are significantly lower than in many other blockchain-based currency platforms.  What makes MobileCoin unique is that at its core it makes connecting and transacting easy and quick in normal resource-constrained environments like mobile devices.  Even more importantly,  it offers strong privacy and security. Private keys themselves never leave the user’s device, and since both transaction fees and latencies are so low, there is no need for intermediary exchanges or currency aggregators to hold private keys or hot wallets for you. 

“MobileCoin is a unique protocol with an amazing technical team. They are focused on making normal resource-constrained environments like mobile devices simple to transact cryptocurrency on securely which complements our approach to allow quick deployment with ease. We look forward to supporting their mission!” – Konstantin Richter, CEO & Co-founder of Blockdaemon

Uptime is also a primary focus for MobileCoin and complements the core values of the Blockdaemon platform. We automatically monitor, repair, and replace nodes where protocol-level errors or infrastructure failures may occur. When protocol updates are required, we make sure to apply them in a timely manner so you see no disruption of service. Blockdaemon monitoring includes core machine-level metrics – CPU load, bandwidth, available disk space, memory – as well as blockchain specific metrics important to MobileCoin node operators and those that rely on the long term health and stability of the network.

Joining the MobileCoin network

Through the Blockdaemon integration with MobileCoin, users can easily connect their own nodes via Blockdaemon to the MobileCoin network.  With the MobileCoin Consensus Protocol, all MobileCoin nodes launched on Blockdaemon use Intel SGX technology to operate key parts of code in a secure enclave. No additional configuration or opt-in is necessary. Blockdaemon has worked in close collaboration with MobileCoin to provide a reliable and repeatable platform that meets their security recommendations – and your security requirements.

Blockdaemon will host high availability Validator nodes as well as Watcher nodes on MobileCoin’s TestNet. Users will be able to launch and control their own nodes using our simplified launch process. 

We are very excited to be supporting MobileCoin’s mission, making it easy to connect to their network, and running nodes on their TestNet.  To get up and running on the MobileCoin TestNet in minutes, sign up today!