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“With Blockdaemon, we help companies and developers connect to blockchain networks in minutes with high-availability nodes on-premise or in a cloud they choose.” – Konstantin Richter, CEO, and Founder of Blockdaemon


Blockdaemon Updates

In our latest strategic funding round in May, we raised $5.5M in capital. This funding round was supported by a number of new investors including HashkeyCoinSharesBlockchain.com VenturesKeneticSPiCE VC, and Fenbushi Capital. Early investors Comcast VenturesLerer HippeauBoldstartCoinfund, and Heavybit also continued their participation in our latest funding round.

In our next phase of growth, we will continue to progress in our mission to connect institutions and individuals to blockchains through comprehensive monitoring, APIs, and high availability nodes. Additionally, we will be contributing directly to the stability, resiliency, and accessibility of payment-centric networks including Transparent Systems, Celo, MobileCoin, and the Lightning Network, as well as supporting the success of Ethereum (ETH) 2.0.



Blockdaemon joins the MobileCoin Foundation

We’re proud to further strengthen our existing partnership by becoming one of the founding members of the MobileCoin Foundation. By joining the foundation, Blockdaemon will provide core node infrastructure to the payments system, as well as support in educating newcomers to the MobileCoin platform.

“The MobileCoin Foundation progresses the ideals of how we think about future payment systems by giving users what they want: privacy, convenience, and speed. Blockdaemon is proud to support their work with our state-of-the-art node infrastructure.” – Konstantin Richter

We’re excited to join the International Token Standardization Association (ITSA), a not for profit association of German law that aims at promoting the development and implementation of comprehensive market standards for the identification, classification and analysis of DLT- and blockchain-based cryptographic tokens. Read more about ITSA and how they are advancing the discussion around holistic market standards for the global token economy.


Protocol Releases & Spotlights

With the release of the Amber Network, a fully decentralized release candidate for the Oasis Mainnet, we are excited to see Oasis one step closer to thier Mainnet! It’s been a pleasure working with such a smart team and we’ve been happy to support them by being a node operator on their network.

Having such a strong focus on privacy, user control and scalability, there is great potential for a variety of useful and impactful applications. Read more on our Node operator Spotlight and visit our marketplace to get access to the Amber Network.


With Polkadot transitioning to Nominated Proof of Stake, there are a number of things that are possible on the network. Developers can continue to work on bounties, validators can begin securing the Relay Chain and validating proofs, and nominators can now participate in the staking environment by nominating validators.

There has been significant progress made towards their first chain candidate (CC1). As we continue to support the major accomplishments rolling out, we continue to contribute to the network with validators and BPM packages. During NPoS, the network will run with a decentralized set of validators. During this phase, Web3 Foundation will use Sudo to increase the number of validators in the set. With so much happening on the network, this is a great time to get involved and participate! Stake for free on our validator or run your own dedicated validator node.

“Blockdaemon is an integral part of the Celo ecosystem – from being a founding member of the Alliance for Prosperity to signing the first block on the Celo network. We’ve been thrilled to have their continued support, now making it easy for users to launch full nodes with a few clicks in their platform.” – Rene Reinsberg, Co-founder of cLabs

We are proud to also be the first infrastructure provider to allow users to directly launch Celo full nodes with just a few clicks on our platform and process fully automated payments via credit card. We support validator, proxy, attestation, and full nodes while allowing the flexibility to run nodes across dozens of data centers and cloud providers. Read more on why we love Celo and Stake for FREE on our public validator or run your own dedicated validator node today!

Ethereum 2.0 introduces many improvements – Proof-of-Stake consensus and sharding among them. You can launch a validator on Ethereum and help the network to decentralize and scale, while staking transactions and earning ether. Reach out if you are looking to easily launch nodes and connect to Ethereum 2.0. Stake ether easily and validate transactions in the new Proof of Stake consensus model.

Stellar Protocol 13 is here and all nodes must be running Core 13.0.0+ and Horizon 1.3.0 or will discontinue working on the network. As a Stellar Partner, Blockdaemon stays ahead on the maintenance and updates of your node — API and Core changes so all of our customers will have their nodes updated without any interruption.

Protocol 13 adds three new features: fee bumps, fine-grained control of asset authorization, and first-class multiplexed accounts. This update also includes two optimizations that make the network run a little better: improvements in convenience when dealing with pre-auth signers and the second optimization stops checking for whether the issuing account for an asset exists during payment, path payment, and placing/managing an offer.

With easy deployment in just a few clicks in our app, choose from Basic Validators or Full Validators depending on your needs.

News and Events

A technical summit on Mining Innovation, Self-Sovereignty and Privacy, and ‘Doomsday’ Prep. Don’t miss this conference and secure your spot for free today! Our CEO Konstantin Richter will be sharing insights during multiple talks!

We are excited to place in the Oasis Network’s Best Availability category for multiple months! Being part of this inclusive community, we have enjoyed contributing towards the development and growth of a privacy-first, decentralized computational network.

Interesting Reading

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