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“With Blockdaemon, we help companies and developers connect to blockchain networks in minutes with high-availability nodes on-premise or in a cloud they choose.” – Konstantin Richter, CEO, and Founder of Blockdaemon


Protocol Releases & Platform Updates


With ETH 2.0 reaching Stage 0, staking rewards will be enabled in denominations of 32 ETH. Moving from PoW to PoS, this marks a long-awaited upgrade to the Ethereum public mainnet. We’re mindful of the special considerations required for validators in the early phases of Ethereum 2.0 and have optimized our solution to ensure positive ROI for your stake. If you have 32 ETH or 3200 ETH, we can help you maximize your returns with a cost-effective validator solution. If you are ready to stake, reach out and we can get you set up to participate!

Blockdaemon and Oasis are aligned in their vision of a decentralized web in which user privacy is balanced alongside high-performance processing capabilities that allow enterprises to ensure their use-case meets real-world performance standards. Blockdaemon has collaborated with Oasis on a number of initiatives with the aim of reaching this goal, for example, deploying 4 validator nodes on the Oasis network for trustworthy actors, such as the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center. By doing so Blockdaemon supports the long-term health and integrity of the network by ensuring it retains a balanced validator set.

Commenting on the announcement, Jernej Kos, Director, Oasis Foundation said, “Blockdaemon has played a valuable role in the recent launch of the Oasis mainnet, a significant milestone towards our shared goal of a privacy-centred web. With an easy to manage suite of services that simplifies the process of deploying and managing nodes, Blockdaemon has helped secure the integrity of our network, while ensuring that it remains truly decentralized.”

Contact us if you are interested in participating on the Oasis network!

Zcash has completed its first halving and rolled out a major upgrade. We make it easy to participate by launching Zcash nodes where you can utilize shielded or transparent transactions on the network. Contact us if you are interested in participating on the Zcash network!

Stellar is entering a period of growth with a number of significant protocol upgrades well underway. Throughout  the course of 2020, we have deepened our commitment to Stellar by extending our infrastructure and tooling support in line with their major milestones. As a Stellar partner, we are aligned in our vision to build the future of banking, and connect users to Blockdaemon’s Stellar nodes, including the Horizon API, with Basic and Full Validators.

Users can monitor ledgers in real-time, as well as create offers for tokens. We also offer currently by request rate limit management for Horizon on dedicated nodes and will be rolling that into the app as self-service in Q4. We’ve added support for header-based authentication, to ensure better workflows with Horizon. We’ve also added cURL commands for Stellar node APIs in-app, which provides an easier path to getting started with nodes.

Coming in this quarter, we will allow quorum set adjustment in-app, provide streaming logs & SSE streaming support, as well as Stellar support & streaming through Ubiquity, our universal API. You can sign up for our Ubiquity pilot program today.

Flow is one such cryptocurrency prepared to welcome the next generation of users and developers. Conceived by Dapper Labs, the team behind the renowned blockchain-based CryptoKitties game, Flow is a fast, secure, and developer-friendly blockchain built to support the next generation of games, apps, and digital assets.

Based on a unique, multi-role architecture, and designed to scale without sharding, allowing for massive improvements in speed and throughput, Flow empowers developers to build the next generation of crypto based businesses, with high customizability ensuring consumer friendly onboarding and allowing users to focus on what matters most to them.

As Flow moves from testnet to mainnet, Blockdaemon is proud to be a trusted infrastructure provider to the network, offering validator nodes to test network integrity and bootstrap the network. With the mainnet launch coming soon, there are a number of exciting ways you can participate with us on Flow. Reach out today!

Platform Updates

We’ve incorporated customer feedback and for additional transparency, we’re now including various statuses within the node card section of our platform. For example, if you accidentally canceled your subscription and want to reactivate your node, instructions will be placed right above your node to easily re-activate your node subscription.

Our platform is always continuing to improve and we’re actively working on a brand new look and feel for our users. Reach out if you have additional feedback that you would like us to incorporate!

News and Events

#30 Konstantin Richter, CEO of Blockdaemon: How They Grew 5x Monthly Recurring Revenue with Tomer Federman. Listen to the new podcast episode with our CEO and founder Konstantin Richter. We discuss how we grew monthly recurring revenue 5x this year, why Konstantin built a fully-remote team from the start, and why institutions are entering the blockchain space.

We’re honored to be a co-organizer & judge for The Quest for ROSE as we continue to support the Oasis Network community. Get involved to build the best privacy-first, responsible data app w/ $11K in prizes! You can read more info regarding the Quest for ROSE Hackathon here.

We were honored to join CTO of Satoshi Pay, Dr. Torsten Stuber and SDF Software Engineer Marta Lokhava to learn how to Achieve decentralization on the Stellar network. Stay up to date on their blog and look for announcements on the next Meridian conference!



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