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Blockdaemon May 2019 News

May has been filled with excellent conversations at events between NY Blockchain week to Blockchain week Ireland and we are looking forward to an event-filled June!…Read More

Katie DiMento

Lerer Hippeau, Node-Marketplace, BYOI & Algorand

While the crypto-winter raged, we found ourselves in the peculiar position of seeing more demand for our product than could be handled — foundations, projects and enterprises reached out to see if we can help them to run nodes or orchestrate/support networks on our ground-breaking middleware platform.…Read More

Konstantin Richter

Blockdaemon February 2019 News

Since we are the most operational DevOps shop in the blockchain space, we have unique insights when it comes to performance of decentralized networks and the respective abilities of different protocols. We recently gave a talk at Google’s first Blockchain Event about our tech-stack evolution, and why we have moved our orchestration and monitoring over to Kubernetes/Terraform via GCP.…Read More

Katie DiMento
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