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Blockdaemon incorporates GoChain allowing easy deployment of GoChain nodes

Today, we’re excited to share our newest public protocol release: GoChain, an Ethereum-compatible, decentralized blockchain that supports deployment of distributed applications (DApps) and smart contracts. GoChain is the first protocol to launch on our redesigned, Terraform and Kubernetes-based application. GoChain brings additional richness and depth to the platform with its high performance and interoperability.…Read More

Katie DiMento
blockdaemon aion

Solving problems of interoperability and scalability: Blockdaemon partners with Aion Network

We at Blockdaemon are committed to making the on-ramp onto blockchains as seamless and easy as possible for developers. Ever since we started as the “Heroku-for-blockchain” a year ago, we have been dedicated to cutting through the mish-mash of protocols and platforms by making it easy to deploy and connect the major public chains and connect private chains to those in order to reap the value of decentralization.…Read More

Konstantin Richter
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