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Blockchain Decentralization: Ode to Stellar and AWS

Ode to decentralization, Stellar and AWS
A lot has happened over the last 90 days — our public node deployment tool went live, we launched G-Coin™, Stellar and Quorum deployment tools and fine-tuned our enterprise offering. I would like to continue sharing some thoughts on the subject of “decentralization” and tooling for nodes since it gives context for the new developments.…Read More

Konstantin Richter

Comcast backing Blockdaemon and public nodes.

Comcast backing Blockdaemon and public nodes. It’s been quite the year so far at casa Blockdaemon, and the time has come to tell you about it. From when we set out on our journey last summer, we have grown from 2 dudes to 10 engineers and a handful of smart and driven deal and market makers — ensuring our platform hits demand in a sustainable and strategic way.…Read More

Konstantin Richter

Product, People and Partners

It has been a while since I wrote a blog post. We have been busy shipping code, scaling operations, raising funds and signing up customers. Since we are a mere handful of people, everybody is doubling down, and that includes me. As the CEO, my main strategic objective is to provide the narrative and the capital to achieve our vision — becoming the primary abstraction layer on top of hardware, with an eye to the bottom of the stack.…Read More

Konstantin Richter
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