Today, we are excited to announce the launch of our brand new ETH Staking Dashboard

With the launch of this dashboard, we now give users a single, unified lens through which to view the entire ETH staking landscape. 

The easy-to-use interface provides actionable insights into your ETH investments and validator performance. This dashboard delivers granular ETH staking data, with simplicity at its core. 

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In this post, we’ll explore why we developed the ETH Staking Dashboard, and how it adds value to Blockdaemon users. 

Why We Built The ETH Staking Dashboard 

We’ve built the ETH staking dashboard to centralize ETH staking data into a single, non-custodial solution

Validators are the strong backbone of Ethereum’s proof-of-stake ecosystem. 

Access to this high-quality validator data is vital. It lets you keep track of how well nodes are functioning, as well as the performance of your valuable ETH investments. 

Despite the critical importance of this information, access to reliable validator data remains stubbornly out-of-reach for many. Often, it is siloed across third party apps and intermediaries. 

In addition, ETH data is often hard to view across multiple platforms and formats. Many ETH stakers are forced to build their own custom dashboards, as a means of seeing validator metrics in a clear, visual medium. 

With this new dashboard, Blockdaemon welcomes you to view data for validators on the Ethereum network in a concise, user-friendly medium.

Key Features of the ETH Staking Dashboard

Our ETH Staking Dashboard is ideal for enterprises and institutions monitoring a large amount of validators. This is enabled by the world-class feature-set embedded into the platform. Let’s explore some of the key features users can immediately benefit from.

Easily Monitor Validator Status 

With the ETH Staking Dashboard, you can view a validator’s status at a glance. Our easy-to-understand, color coded display immediately gives you accurate, real-time information regarding your validators of choice. Validators are slotted into four categories, ranging across:


  • Deposited: 32 ETH has been deposited into the Ethereum deposit contract. 
  • Pending: A validator is in the activation queue. 
  • Active: A validator has been activated, allowing them to participate in consensus duties. 
  • Exited: A validator is no longer in the validator set and is no longer engaged in consensus. 

Easily, seamlessly keep tabs of how validators are doing. No update is overlooked with Blockdaemon’s ETH Staking Dashboard. 

For a convenient, easy overview of validator status, look no further than Blockdaemon’s new staking dashboard. 

Simply Visualize Total Account Balance

The dashboard lets you instantly view the total ETH account balance for a validator of your choice. This divides the account balance into two categories: 

  • Principal: The 32 ETH required to enter the active validator set. This remains locked-up until some point in time after the merge. 
  • Rewards: The ETH rewards issued by the protocol for contributing to consensus. These rewards act as the incentive to perform validator duties well. 

By splitting the rewards into two categories, we help users easily distinguish the source of funds across validators. 

Drill Down to Individual Validator Staking Performance Data

Beyond the topline view of status and balances, the dashboard grants you an in-depth look into performance data. Specifically, the dashboard lets you retrieve info across the following: 


  • Deposit Date: See exactly what date a validator made their 32 ETH deposit. 
  • Address, Rewards, Balance & Principal: Track the addresses you’ve entered into the dashboard, along with their associated funds!

As a user, you have the ability to see the top 5 validators or to view all validators. Never has it been as easy to track ETH staking data!

Get Started with the ETH Staking Dashboard Today! 

By using our new ETH Staking Dashboard, you unlock a wealth of on-chain data, simply by entering one or many validator addresses. 

Armed with this data, you now have a crystal clear view of the ETH staking landscape. This is vital when tracking the performance of your nodes and investments over time. 

As a leading node infrastructure provider for Ethereum, our goal is to constantly add-value to the ecosystem. We are committed to providing resources and tools such as this new staking dashboard, to continuously add value to the community. 

Get started with our new ETH Staking Dashboard today, live on the Blockdaemon app! Check out our documentation to get started

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