At Blockdaemon, our aim is to make the staking journey as simple as possible.

To that end, we’re proud to announce that we’ve developed support for users to explore on-chain Tezos staking data.

This delivers accessible, easy to understand staking information for Tezos.

From the seamless access to over 20+ proof-of-stake blockchains, to allowing whoever wishes to delegate to our public validators, our aim is to lower the barriers for staking for all.

We constantly strive to build the tools that simplify all things proof-of-stake.

This is why Blockdaemon’s engineers have built this staking reporting tool for Tezos. Tezos stakers want real-time metrics, accurate reporting data and total portfolio visibility. This tool will deliver all of these metrics and more.

Powered by Ubiquity, Blockdaemon’s advanced Tezos staking dashboard supports the data that stakers care about.

Currently, we support Polkadot and Algorand. Tezos is the next to join our suite of implemented protocols. In this post, we’ll explore what Tezos users can enjoy.

Tezos Staking Address Overview

Tezos launched in June 2018 as one of the world’s first major Proof of Stake networks. Today, Tezos has a vibrant ecosystem of network validators (bakers) and diverse public delegation services internationally. Each staker has an address for their XTZ tokens. 

Blockdaemon now offers easy-access to key Tezos staking address metrics. 

Before, a Tezos staker would need to access different apps to see data regarding their staking portfolio. Scattered data would be a headache for users. Now, Blockdaemon gives users user-friendly access to on-chain metrics.
Blockdaemon now provides on-chain “Protocol”, “Label”, “PublicAddress”, “Currency”, “EventID”, “Block”, “BlockTimestamp”, “BlockTime”, “Hash”, “Action”, “Value”, “SenderAddress” and “TransactionFee” data – all powered by Ubiquity. 

These new capabilities provide a greater depth of insight into Tezos. 


Blockdaemon has supported Tezos for years. It is a valued protocol in our portfolio of 50+ blockchain networks.

As Tezos is an open-source, community governed blockchain, we’re committed to building out the use and utility of tools for the ecosystem.

That is why we’ve updated our staking dashboard to provide the most value for Tezos users.

Powered by Ubiquity, we pull on-chain staking data and real-time address monitoring into one simple, intuitive platform. What’s more, you can even add addresses not directly staked with Blockdaemon. Any Tezos address is welcome.

We are committed to improving the blockchain communities we are involved in. We provide the tools that help simplify staking across Tezos.

We are only at the beginning of our staking dashboard journey. Coming up, we’ll be introducing more protocols and newer features.

Over time, we’ll add Ethereum 2.0 and many more. Contact us if you have any feedback or ideas about new features you’d like to see! Be sure to check out our staking dashboard today!

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