Connecting Businesses to Blockchains

Thanks to your continued support, March has been yet another action-packed month at Blockdaemon. We are continuing to connect ever more businesses to blockchains and have seen even more amazing growth. We’ve grown to over 245 amazing team members at Blockdaemon!

Our big news this month is the acquisition of Gem. They are a pioneer of crypto onramp technology and digital identity services. We’re proud and delighted to welcome them into the Blockdaemon family.

Additionally, we have partnered with StakeWise to deliver institutional-grade liquid ETH staking.

Other March highlights in the industry include:

  • Yuga Labs, the team behind Bored Ape Yacht Club, has acquired CryptoPunks and Meebits from Larva Labs.
  • U.S. President Joe Biden signed an executive order on March 9th, calling on the government to examine the risks and benefits of cryptocurrencies.
  • Ukraine Has Received Close to $100M in Crypto Donations
  • Ethereum Wallet MetaMask Passes 30M Users, Plans DAO and Token

Let’s get to it!


Company and Protocol Updates 

Gem Acquisition

Blockdaemon’s Acquisition of Gem

Blockdaemon is proud to announce the acquisition of Gem, a pioneer of crypto onramp technology and digital identity services. Gem offers a frictionless way for businesses to onboard crypto into their applications, letting developers connect crypto assets and users with just a few lines of code.

Blockdaemon and Stakewise Partner Up

We’re proud to partner with StakeWise to deliver an institutional-grade liquid staking product on Ethereum 2.0 (Eth2). This will be the world’s first Eth2 liquid staking solution for financial institutions. 

Institutions will soon be able to stake, participate in DeFi and earn yield securely. This AML compliant product limits interaction to KYC’d funds only and deploys an audited smart contract.

Introducing Blockdaemon’s EMEA Sales Team

Blockdaemon is scaling rapidly. From time to time, we like to take the opportunity to introduce you to some of our decentralized, and truly global, blockchain team. Today, we are shining the spotlight on our growing EMEA sales team.



We are busier than ever at events. We’ve already locked in a lot of partnerships but continuing to add weekly! Check out our calendar HERE and if you want to connect, send us a note!


Keke’s Latest Tips

“Bring your whole self to work because, that way, you can bring full ideas and the wholeness of your unique abilities.” – Bozoma Saint John

In the last couple of months, you learned how to create an API key and find the current block, but this month I want to show you a real use case of how some of our users use Ubiquity.


Blockdaemon Blogs

Supporting Elrond’s Network with Industry-Leading Validator Nodes Blockdaemon proudly supports Elrond with our industry-leading validator node infrastructure. With this support, Elrond joins the ranks of over a dozen cutting-edge proof-of-stake protocols currently hosted on Blockdaemon’s platform. 

How Blockdaemon is Supporting The Evmos Mainnet LaunchIn December, Blockdaemon teased our support for Evmos. Since then, Blockdaemon has been working closely with the team at Evmos to deliver on our commitments and ensure we are there to support their mainnet launch. Now, head of the mainnet launch, we’d like to reaffirm our commitment to Evmos and announce our robust Evmos solutions

Introducing Our New Tezos Staking ReportingWe’re proud to announce that we’ve developed support for users to explore on-chain Tezos staking data.
This delivers accessible, easy-to-understand staking information for Tezos.
From the seamless access to over 20+ proof-of-stake blockchains, to allowing whoever wishes to delegate to our public validators, our aim is to lower the barriers for staking for all.

How Blockdaemon Partners With Komainu, a Preferred CustodianBlockdaemon is proud to partner with Komainu, an institutional-grade digital asset custodian created by institutions for institutions. Komainu provides institutions access to staking services in a secure and regulated manner. Through the Komainu Yield platform, institutions who custody assets with Komainu will be able to utilize Blockdaemon’s robust blockchain staking infrastructure.

The team continues to expand so check us out and apply!

And as always, get the latest on new releases and product updates: Check the Blockdaemon Blog, follow the discussion on Twitter and Linkedin, and feel free to reach out to us with any questions you have at [email protected]

Stay tuned,

The Blockdaemons