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What an amazing November we have been having. Between the team traveling to Lisbon and England for events, to launching new partnerships and most recently, acquisitions! Blockdaemon has been busy around the globe with our expansion and we are excited to share updates! We are pleased to announce that Blockdaemon added JPMorgan Chase and Tiger Global as strategic investors. In addition, we have acquired blockchain analytics platform, Anyblock Analytics, to extend our NFT offering.


Company and Protocol Updates 

Blockdaemon Adds JPMorgan Chase Strategic Investments and Tiger Global as Strategic Investors and Acquires Blockchain Analytics Platform Anyblock Analytics to Extend Its NFT Offering. Tiger Global Management and JPMorgan Chase’s investment demonstrates the respected firms’ increased interest in cryptocurrency and blockchain as they become more mainstream.  As part of the acquisition, Anyblock’s team will be joining Blockdaemon, continuing Blockdaemon’s expansion in Europe by establishing a local presence in Germany.

B2C2 Group is the counter-party of choice in the institutional crypto market. They offer a unique combination of high-tech trading and high-touch (white glove) client service. Learn how we help B2C2 guarantee a dependable blockchain service for clients. In addition, check out the case study to see how B2C2 maintains dependability with us HERE.

We welcome the product design consultancy Gravy as a new member of the Blockdaemon family. This addition comes by way of acquisition, as Gravy joins the ranks of Blockdaemon’s growing portfolio of innovative companies. “Design is about seeing how users work, understanding their mental models and first and foremost, taking a customer-centric approach.” Gravy founder and CEO Ari Zilnik. Ari is a veteran product designer with over ten years of experience designing for leading brands including Goldman Sachs, Gradle, Jet.com, and Walmart. Ari has already used his wealth of experience to lead a cutting-edge UI refresh of the Blockdaemon web app.

RIDDLE&CODE and Blockdaemon are joining forces to unlock next-gen industrial tokenization and enhance the Token Management Platform. This will allow expansion into new markets such as energy or mobility. Read more in our blogpost RIDDLE&CODE and Blockdaemon Partnership.


News & Events

Demo Skalkotos led the team into London and pulled out all the stops. His participation in a panel discussion about Institutional Participation and Regulation for Digital Assets was a huge hit and the rest of the team took advantage of additional seminars and networking.

Solana’s Breakpoint Lisbon 2021 was a great experience for the team. Engineering, Marketing, Product Development, and Sales enjoyed the panels, parties, beautiful weather, and local cuisine. The energy and excitement around the Solana ecosystem was palpable.

The engaging panels included Konstantin’s panel with Ella Kuze (Solana Foundation), Dan Hwang (Stakefish), and Gleb Dudka (Greenfield One) where they were discussing the capabilities of staking and the future opportunities in the space.

The Blockdaemon marketing and engineering team had the chance to meet each other for the first time in person. Breakpoint provided multiple venues for the participants and sponsors to congregate before the events started.

Recruitment continues to be a hot button in the market and Blockdaemon is in the driver’s seat when it comes to bringing on the top talent and retaining them. Konstantin joined a panel for the LA Blockchain Summit to discuss some of these aggressive approaches.

Upcoming Events 


Keke’s Latest Tips
“Building a good customer experience does not happen by accident, it happens by design.”
– Claire Muscutt

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Interesting Reads & Listening

LISTEN: Blockdaemon COO, Cecily Mak, joined the FinTech Newscast, to talk about hurdles with scaling a startup company and challenges of creating a healthy culture. Listen HERE.

LISTEN & WATCH: Newly appointed Director of Global Regulatory Relations, Jason Price, joined the Global Digital Asset and Cryptocurrency Association for a panel to discuss, NFTs: It’s a Creators Market!

BLOOMBERG: JPMorgan, Tiger Global Join Blockchain Firm’s Funding Round – JPMorgan Chase and Tiger Global Management become strategic investors in Blockdaemon.

PAYMENTS JOURNAL: Keeping Cryptocurrency Secure — It’s Time to Educate Users to Pave the Way for Mass Adoption– Between October 2020 and April 2021, Americans lost more than $80 million in cryptocurrency scams, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission reported. This is a major PR problem for the cryptocurrency industry. But what can the industry do to help users stay safe and pave the way for mass adoption?

TRACXN: Blockdaemon announced as an Emerging Startups 2021: Top Blockchain Infrastructure Startup by Tracxn


Blockchain Infrastructure 101 – Bare Metal vs Cloud – Your blockchain infrastructure can run on bare metal or virtual machines. They can be located on-premises, in data centers or the cloud. For most institutional level operators, you can divide blockchain infrastructure into 2 main types, bare metal or cloud.

Ethereum’s Altair Beacon Chain Proof-of-Stake Upgrade – The Ethereum 2.0 Altair Hard Fork is arriving this week. This is the first hard fork on the network and is relatively minor. Altair does introduce one big change though, light clients.

Unlock Solana’s Potential with HA RPC Clusters – Solana promises great speeds, but achieving them isn’t straightforward. Blockdaemon is developing a High Availability (HA) Remote Procedure Call (RPC) solution coming in December 2021. This unlocks the blockchain’s true potential and provides a reliable and scalable service.

The Launch of Polkadot Parachains – Polkadot is at the frontier of crypto innovation. In 2014, Ethereum took the industry by storm by first introducing programmable money, using smart contracts. Now, seven years later, Polkadot ushers in fully programmable, deployable blockchains. These customizable blockchains are called parachains.

The team continues to expand so check us out and apply! And as always, get the latest on new releases and product updates: Check the Blockdaemon Blog, follow the discussion on Twitter and Linkedin, and feel free to reach out to us with any questions you have at [email protected]

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