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Where and what you can find in Blockdaemon’s Knowledgebase

Where and what you can find in Blockdaemon’s Knowledgebase
Welcome to Support at Blockdaemon!

I’m Bill T, the new Director of Customer Support here at Blockdaemon. The team and I have been building out a brand new Help Center over the last month and I’ve very excited to unveil the new site. At Blockdaemon, we understand that navigating blockchain technology is constantly redefining itself, evolving and can at times be complex, to say the least. Our goal is to make finding relevant info and participating as easy and clear as possible in whichever path you are most comfortable using.…Read More

Bill Thompson
blockdaemon aion

Solving problems of interoperability and scalability: Blockdaemon partners with Aion Network

We at Blockdaemon are committed to making the on-ramp onto blockchains as seamless and easy as possible for developers. Ever since we started as the “Heroku-for-blockchain” a year ago, we have been dedicated to cutting through the mish-mash of protocols and platforms by making it easy to deploy and connect the major public chains and connect private chains to those in order to reap the value of decentralization.…Read More

Konstantin Richter

Elvis says “Return to Bitcoin”

Elvis says “Return to Bitcoin”
How private chains make sense (when connected to public chains).
Being a blockchain facilitator, we get asked a lot about what the use case of a stand-alone “private” chain is. Phrases like “… just a bad database” get thrown around a lot, and there seems to be a more absolute split in opinions, akin to the decentralized or not debate. I would like to shed some light on our thinking here, as well as try to establish a taxonomy to ensure we all speak about the same things.…Read More

Konstantin Richter
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