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Blockdaemon April 2020 News

We’ve been reflecting on how we can contribute to the investment in the future of humankind and collaborate with projects aligned with the vision of prosperity for all. We are proud to share our work with Celo, being a founding member of the Alliance for Prosperity, collaborating on the launch of MobileCoin’s TestNet, making advancements with the Web3 Foundation team and Polkadot, and much more. We hope that you continue to stay safe, healthy, and connected with those that can share in positivity.…Read More

Katie DiMento

Blockdaemon integrates MobileCoin

Today, we’re very excited to announce Blockdaemon’s support for MobileCoin, a new cryptocurrency designed to be used by everyone, on our platform. MobileCoin focuses on scalability, usability, and privacy to create high-performance payments technology that can transparently encompass the trade-offs that societies choose.…Read More

Katie DiMento
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