Celo’s mission is to build a financial system that creates the conditions of prosperity—for everyone. With a clear vision for financial inclusion backed by a solid team, supporting Celo early on was an easy decision and we’ve been thrilled to contribute directly to the stability, resiliency and accessibility of their network.  We are proud to also be the first infrastructure provider to allow users to directly launch Celo full nodes with just a few clicks on our platform and process fully automated payments via credit card. We support validator, proxy, attestation, and full nodes while allowing the flexibility to run nodes across dozens of data centers and cloud providers. 

“Blockdaemon is an integral part of the Celo ecosystem – from being a founding member of the Alliance for Prosperity to signing the first block on the Celo network. We’ve been thrilled to have their continued support, now making it easy for users to launch full nodes with a few clicks in their platform.”Rene Reinsberg, Co-founder of cLabs

Inclusive Network Powered by the Community 

We’ve seen the traction of payment-centric networks and the true impact of bringing connectivity and blockchain to the larger community. To create a truly inclusive and unique financial system, the Celo Platform offers a built-in architectural decentralization that allows, over time, for thousands of validators and a mobile-first approach to payments with seamless user experience. Celo’s Platform is powered by the community and users can earn currency by hosting software that forwards mobile devices’ requests or validates their transactions. This creates an ecosystem of powerful applications built on top, including easier cash transfer programs, peer-to-peer lending, collaborative small-scale insurance, and other digital assets and wallets.

celo node card

To support this highly engaged community, we have built the Celo Blockchain Package Manager (BPM) that deploys a node on any infrastructure within minutes and is open-source for the community. When the deployment of a new node is triggered, whether by a user through the front end app, the BPM Celo Plugin, or by one of our engineers, the process is built to be automated and seamless.

In order to validate on the network, validators must either join a group or create their own. Blockdaemon will automate this process through our platform and the BPM Celo Plugin. Based on availability, it may also be possible to join Blockdaemon’s validator group.

Alliance for Prosperity 

Beyond the support of the network, Blockdaemon is a founding member of the Alliance for Prosperity, one of the two node infrastructure partners committed to democratizing node running across Celo’s ecosystem and bringing one of the main promises of blockchain technology to life — independent value transfer systems for those who need them most.

The Alliance takes a unique approach to creating prosperity by making digital assets more accessible with a decentralized collective of 75 organizations. Having two top validators as service partners for the platform, the Alliance enhances both competitiveness for tooling and overall network quality. We are so excited to be part of this Alliance that has a powerful impact on financial inclusion and be part of the global impact of the Alliance and Celo’s movement. 

For more information about how to stake for free on our public validator or run your own dedicated validator node, visit our Celo Marketplace page and launch your full node with just a few steps.