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Built with Blockdaemon: Institutional grade blockchain infrastructure

Powering the infrastructure for leading exchanges, custodians, financial institutions, crypto platforms, and developers, Blockdaemon's industry leading experience as the largest independent blockchain infrastructure platform offers customers secure, scalable and easy to use solutions for their staking, node infrastructure or development needs. We back all of our products against loss of funds or downtime and stand by our promise of high uptime, performance and availability.

High Availability clusters and configurations

Blockdaemon provides high-availability architecture to allow for seamless scaling and a failure resilient infrastructure with 99.9% uptime out of the box. Nodes are fault-tolerant, high-traffic nodes which include redundancies to handle high traffic and ensure a node failure does not take the network down.

Institutional-grade security and monitoring

Blockdaemon puts security of our products and offerings first. By abiding by best in class security practices and compliance we ensure the utmost adherents to industry standards to give our customers piece of mind in their node operations.

Supporting 40+ of the most cutting edge blockchain networks with world-class enterprise infrastructure

At Blockdaemon, node management is our craft. We have honed this throughout the years to deliver an exceptional node experience for our customers. This flows from our deep insight and expertise of blockchain infrastructure across all protocols. Our relentless pursuit of excellence has led us to where we are today: the world leader in gold-standard blockchain infrastructure. Our services are trusted by market leaders around the world to help meet their customers’ needs. This trust comes from our unrivaled focus on safety, security and performance.

The blockchain landscape is constantly evolving and Blockdaemon maintains deep industry partnerships with all of the leading blockchain platforms we provide infrastructure for as well as staying on top of emerging networks coming to mainnet.

Built by Blockdaemon means built with confidence. 

Investors Stake With Confidence on Leading Blockchain Networks

  • #1 Institutional Staking Provider by Volume Blockdaemon Managed Validators Achieve Maximum Yield with Guaranteed Uptime

    Delegate your tokens to Blockdaemon managed validators for peace of mind where uptime, security and maximized staking yields are our top priority. Blockdaemon offers 99.9% SLA guarantees for all of our blockchain infrastructure offerings.

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  • Industry's Best Slashing Guarantee We Stand By Our Validators, Our Team and Our Commitment to Excellence in Staking

    With our 4 layers of risk mitigation: Secure Validator Nodes, Failover Safeguards, Enhanced Monitoring, and Slashing guarantee, Blockdaemon offers the best guarantees against loss.

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Our integration with Blockdaemon will enable Voyager users to earn interest on a wider scope of coins offered on our platform. Importantly, integrating Blockdaemon's secure node infrastructure into our platform allows Voyager to control its balance sheet more effectively by reducing lending activities and reducing counterparty risk

CEO and Co-founder Steve Ehrlich Voyager
Platform Developers UI

Developers Tools built for developers,
by developers.

  • Blockdaemon is trusted by world leading blockchain developers Blockdaemon helps developers build better, stronger and more performant blockchain applications.

    Blockdaemon managed full nodes offer a variety of powerful options for developers building applications which require the utmost data integrity, throughput and latency. Developers and product teams within banks, investment funds, governments and many other institutions trust Blockdaemon full nodes for their mission critical connectivity needs.

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  • Blockdaemon provides a seamless developer experience Blockdaemon makes it easy for developers to run nodes anywhere and to scale painlessly.

    Blockdaemon managed full nodes can be easily spun up and scaled to your needs. Developers enjoy access to our APIs needed to control your nodes, and the SaaS tools you need to keep your applications and organization in sync, secure, and online. Blockdaemon also offer enterprise grade & flawless DevEx: a best of both worlds approach to blockchain infrastructure.

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Blockdaemon has stepped up as one of the world's leading blockchain infrastructure platforms with their approach to helping launch and support next generation Proof-of-Stake networks. They bring a full suite of software to the table that has the ability to propel a network to the next level without compromising decentralization. In addition, their team played a valuable role in numerous ways that will help the SKALE Network grow towards the goal of bringing Ethereum to hundreds of millions of users.

Co-Founder SKALE Labs Jack O’Holleran

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