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Industry leading businesses and institutions use our infrastructure.

Blockdaemon enables access to blockchains for the leading businesses and institutions around the world as well as individual cryptocurrency investors staking on networks.

Exchanges & Lenders Scale efficiently with unparalleled security, speed and reliability.

Exchanges need fast and efficient access to comprehensive historical blockchain data. Blockdaemon's industry leading staking and node infrastructure secures access to these networks, alleviating the need for specialized in-house node operations and maintenance.

Featured Customer Case Study

BTC Markets is able to focus on market and customer needs for new protocols and scaling existing offerings by relying on Blockdaemon's streamlined deployment of high availability infrastructure. This agility provides the ability to quickly add new protocols to their customers without needing internal infrastructure specialists to tackle the learning curve of running nodes for new networks.

We wanted to partner with the leader in the market for node management and operations and that was Blockdaemon. BTC Markets has over $8.75 billion in trades and 270,000+ users making it imperative to collaborate with a secure, trusted platform. Since they support 50+ protocols, offer monitoring solutions, and handle node software updates, it saves us time and overhead costs so that we can focus on our customer experience. We look forward to building Australia’s digital economy together!”

CEO of BTC Markets Caroline Bowler

Data Analytics Providers & Trading Desks Easily access protocol data without the challenge and cost of launching a full archive node.

Businesses that rely on blockchain data for their critical operations choose Blockdaemon for their node connectivity needs. From self-service node offerings in our marketplace to custom high availability, load balanced options, Blockdaemon offers the absolute best reliability and costs in the industry.

Easy in-app deployment and bespoke configurations available for high demand use cases Easy in-app deployment and bespoke configurations available for higher demand use cases.

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Featured Customer Case Study

Leading analysts at trading firms use real-time and highly accurate blockchain statistics everyday, around the clock in market trading that never sleeps. Thanks to Blockdaemon's superior node offerings crypto platforms are able to lead the competition by using live protocol and trading data straight from the source.

DeFi Protocols and Blockchain Foundations Guarantee up-time for your DeFi platform and ecosystem tools.

Whether running heavily used retail DEX's or powering critical ecosystem tools like wallets and block explorers, Blockdaemon's node offerings enable reliable and guaranteed uptime for you, your developers and user base whatever your use case. Whether you need one protocol or many, Blockdaemon's marketplace and bespoke offerings make it simple to outsource your connectivity needs fast and affordably.

Blockdaemon gives you… Over 40 popular protocols to choose from with customizable performance upon request. Blockdaemon nodes are highly scalable to customer needs, with 24/7 customer support ensuring that we're there when you need us most.

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Featured Customer Case Study

Top exchanges continue to add new tokens and DeFi products to their platform knowing that they can confidently meet user demand by utilizing Blockdaemon's world class node offerings.

Banks, Custodians & Trust Companies Stake securely using the ISO compliant staking and node provider trusted by institutions

Customers can earn staking rewards on over 20 Proof-of-Stake networks while qualified institutions maintain the custody and management of funds. As a security first technology provider, Blockdaemon is trusted by some of the largest banks, custodians, brokerages and money managers in the world to securely manage their blockchain infrastructure.

Rest Assured Blockdaemon does not custody funds at any point, uptime and performance guaranteed, high touch 24/7 customer support

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Featured Customer Case Study

Custodians remains the centerpiece of their users' trust while being able to deploy yield bearing staking programs at scale based on client demand.

Token Holders & Investors Flexible staking support with one of the most well-trusted validating network partners across a comprehensive range of staking protocols

Blockdaemon has supported many market leading proof of stake protocols since their genesis. We believe participation is a core tenet of being a reliable network partner, which is why we run validators open to delegation on all of the POS networks we support.

Blockdaemon gives you… Slashing insurance, customer support and uptime guarantees across all the networks we run validators on.

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Case study

Stakers with large token holdings see Blockdaemon as a reliable top validator in all of the networks they stake on. The validators have at least 99.9% up-time and Blockdaemon actively participates in these networks governance and open source development. It's an easy choice to delegate to Blockdaemon.

Stake your funds to Blockdaemon validators on the top blockchain networks.

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