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BTC Performance Info And Specs

Blockdaemon Bitcoin nodes connect to the public Bitcoin network — on mainnet or testnet — in just a few clicks.

Our nodes are synced up with the network in minutes so you’re never left waiting.

Blockchain visibility via API

Blockdaemon Bitcoin nodes expose a real-time data API that provides information on new blocks and transactions that can be used by block explorers for real-time transaction monitoring and auditing.

Join the Lightning Network In Three Clicks

In addition to a standard Bitcoin node, you’ll also get the developer-friendly LND daemon from Lightning Labs so you can be active and opening Lightening channels immediately.

Enterprise Node Specifications

4 CPU, 15GB RAM (n1-standard-4 or equivalent); 500GB SSD; 100 queries per second or better; no rate limits. Stores approximately 2 months archive. Upgrades available to 8CPU/30GB RAM and 16CPU/60GB RAM.