Ubiquity REST API – Swagger Tools

Ubiquity provides a RESTful and uniform way to access blockchain resources, with a rich and reusable model across multiple cryptocurrencies.



The following protocols are currently supported:

  • bitcoin
  • ethereum
  • polkadot
  • xrp
  • algorand
  • stellar
  • dogecoin
  • oasis
  • stacks


  • bitcoin/testnet
  • ethereum/ropsten
  • dogecoin/testnet

Certain resources contain a lot of data, more than what’s practical to return for a single request. With the help of pagination, the data is split across multiple responses. Each response returns a subset of the items requested, and a continuation token.

To get the next batch of items, copy the returned continuation token to the continuation query parameter and repeat the request with the new URL. In case no continuation token is returned, there is no more data available.

To view the swagger tools, visit https://ubiquity.docs.blockdaemon.com/swagger-ui/