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Supported Assets

  • stellar/native/xlm: Stellar (XLM)

Protocol Concepts

Stellar is an accounts-oriented ledger.

  • Transactions include lists of operations submitted by accounts.
  • XLM is the native coin. It is transferred by the “Create Account”, “Payment”, “Account Merge” Stellar operations.
  • Stellar assets are trust-based tokens that are tied to an Issuer account. Those are created and transferred by the “Payment”, “Path Payment Strict Send”, “Path Payment Strict Receive”, “Change Trust” and “Allow Trust” operations.
  • The on-chain exchange allows trading XLM and assets using the “Manage Buy Offer”, “Manage Sell Offer” and “Create Passive Sell Offer” operations.
  • Accounts are modified by metadata operations: “Set Options”, “Manage Data” and “Bump Sequence”

Ubiquity Mapping

Operations transferring XLM are supported: Create AccountPayment and Account Merge.

Both “Create Account” and (XLM) “Payment” operations map to the Ubiquity transfer operation named <opID>_payment where <opID> is replaced with the decimal Stellar operation ID.

The “Account Merge” Stellar operation maps to the Ubiquity transfer operation named <opID>_merge_stellar/native/xlm where <opID> is replaced with the operation ID.

The fee is a transfer operation named fee. The recipient of the transaction fee is the virtual address transaction_fees.

Features Currently Not Supported

  • Protocol-native JSON format.
  • Operations other than “Create Account”, XLM “Payment” and XLM transfers in “Account Merge”.