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Supported Assets

  • ripple/native/xrp: Ripple (XRP)

Protocol Concepts

XRP is an accounts-oriented ledger. Transactions perform a single operation set by the “transaction type”.

  • XRP is the native coin.
    • It is transferred via the AccountDelete and Payment tx types.
  • Issued Currencies are trust-based tokens that are tied to an Issuer account. Trust lines are managed via TrustSet.

Ubiquity Mapping

Operations transferring XRP are supported: AccountDelete and Payment.

Each transaction carries an operation called native with a transfer operation of XRP.

The fee is a transfer operation named fee. The recipient of the transaction fee is the virtual address transaction_fees.

Features Currently Not Supported

  • Issued Currency operations
  • Check Operations
  • Escrow Operations
  • Account Operations
  • Payment Channel Operations
  • Account Management Operations
  • Exchange Operations
  • Pseudo-transactions