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WebSockets Endpoints

Ubiquity provides a WebSockets endpoint for streaming a live feed of blockchain data. Websockets provide real-time information about the network, including new blocks and transactions.

WebSocket endpoints are currently available for the following protocols:

Protocol URI
Algorand wss://
Bitcoin wss://
Bitcoin testnet wss://
Diem wss://
Dogecoin wss://
Dogecoin testnet wss://
Ethereum wss://
Ethereum testnet wss://
Oasis wss://
Polkadot wss://
Stacks wss://
Stellar wss://
XRP wss://


How to Subscribe to Ubiquity WebSockets

Use the relevant API to create a WebSocket connection with your preferred tool.  You can then use the code below to create a Ubiquity subscription. Once done, the server will return subscription notifications for new blocks. 

Create a Ubiquity Subscription
{"id": 1, "method": "ubiquity.subscribe", "params": {"channel": "ubiquity.block_identifiers"}}