Welcome to Blockdaemon Documentation

Welcome to Blockdaemon’s Documentation Center. This Docs Center is meant to be a one-stop-shop for all your Blockdaemon related questions. We’ve created this hub primarily to help you navigate through our products and services. This ranges from getting started to mastering the more advanced features of our platform. It also offers in-depth information on many of our supported protocols. By reading these we hope to bring an extra level of depth to your blockchain understanding.

The Docs Center should cover most of the issues and questions you as a customer (or potential customer) may have. While we have tried to leave no stone unturned, there may have been topics we missed. If you cannot find an answer to a question, please feel free to reach out to us directly. We’ll be happy to help. 

We welcome you to browse our Docs Center and enjoy the knowledge that lies within. 

Get Started

In the Get Started Section, you will find an intro to Blockdaemon, services provided, and overviews of what you will find within the app.

Ubiquity API

Ubiquity is our high performance, multi-chain API for accessing blockchain data. With One API to access multiple protocols using REST or Websockets, you can find out more about ways you can utilize Ubiquity to best interact with the networks supported.


Blockdaemon provides institutional-grade staking infrastructure for 20+ networks including ETH2, Polkadot, Solana, SKALE, Algorand, Terra, Cardano, and Cosmos. In this section we’ll cover more of the particulars about how some of the most popular Proof of Stake blockchains work today, our staking reporting feature, and more.

Protocol Documentation

Blockdaemon provides institutional-grade infrastructure for 40+ networks and simplify the process of deploying nodes and creating scalable enterprise blockchain solutions via APIs, high availability clusters, auto-decentralization and auto-healing of nodes. For specific protocol documentation and assistance, you can find information in this section.


In the FAQ section, find out about questions that come up around interacting with the app, nodes, and your account. In addition, we have general terminology and ways to support your experience.