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Blockdaemon Documentation

ETH Validator Statuses

The ETH Staking Dashboard allow you to quickly and easily see the statuses of thousands of Ethereum 2.0 validators.

The following Ethereum standard statuses are used within the ETH Staking Dashboard:

Further information on each status is provided in the following sections


The validator has deposited the deposit contract, the corresponding Deposit operation has been processed and the validator has registered in BeaconState.

This covers the following sub-statuses:

  • deposited

Please note: The statuses reflected on the Dashboard are from the Beacon Chain. For a validator status to be seen as active it takes at least 12 hours after the initial 32 ETH transfer. As this is the time it takes for a transaction to reach the deposit contract on Beacon Chain.


The validator is eligible to be activated and is currently awaiting activation. Activations happen every 4 hours and there are often weeks-long activation queues.

This covers the following sub-statuses:

  • pending
  • pendingInitialized
  • pendingQueued


The validator is activated and will be assigned duties per epoch, these include attesting, proposing etc.

This covers the following sub-statuses:

  • active
  • activeOngoing
  • activeExiting
  • activeSlashed


The validator is exited, either voluntarily or punitively.

This covers the following sub-statuses:

  • exited
  • exitedUnslashed
  • exitedSlashed

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