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Blockdaemon Documentation

Understanding the Dashboard

The ETH Staking Dashboard provides useful snapshot information for thousands of Ethereum 2.0 validators.

The Dashboard displays the following 4 key widgets:

Further information on each widget is provided in the following sections

Validator Status

Shows a summary graph of all your validators.

ETH Staking Dashboard Status

This chart is divided into the following sectors:

Validator Status

You can find more information on these statuses on the ETH validator statuses page.

Use the validators table for more information on particular validators.

Current Price

Market data showing the current price of ETH.

Hover states reveal price trends over a 30 day time period.

ETH Staking Dashboard Price


The total balance in ETH and USD.

Hover states reveal a breakdown by Principle and Rewards.

ETH Staking Dashboard Balance


Showing Top 5 Validators, with column sorting to change the view.

You can expand the table to show details for all validators by clicking on the Show all Validators button.

ETH Staking Dashboard Validators

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