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How to Stake LUNA (Terra)

Terra is a Tendermint-based, decentralized Proof of Stake (PoS) blockchain protocol. It is a next-generation payment system that uses a basket of fiat-pegged stablecoins which are algorithmically stabilized by its native crypto asset, LUNA. LUNA is the foundational asset for the entire ecosystem and is easy to stake with Blockdaemon.

Luna has two core functions which are ensuring the price stability of Terra stablecoins and providing incentives for the platform’s validators. Since LUNA is the stability mechanism, LUNA delegators are entitled to earn rewards for providing network security.

You can participate in the Terra network. Just follow the steps below to stake LUNA with Blockdaemon:

  1. Download the Terra Station Wallet
  2. Select Blockdaemon as Your LUNA Validator
  3. Connect Your Wallet
  4. Delegate to Blockdaemon
  5. Confirm Transaction

You can also check out our Terra (LUNA) staking walkthrough video

Step 1 – Connect Your LUNA Wallet

  • To stake LUNA you will need a staking enabled wallet with LUNA tokens.
  • For this guide, we are using the Terra Station browser extension wallet.
  • To download this browser extension, visit Terra Station

Terra Station

  • Click Connect, and select Install Terra Station


Connect Wallet

  • Once you’ve installed the wallet, navigate back to Terra Station
  • Click the stake button on the left navigation bar
  • This will take you to the Stake window


Step 2 – Select Blockdaemon Your Validator

  • Type in Blockdaemon in the Validators search bar

Blockdaemon Terra Validator

  • Click on Blockdaemon (to the left of the blue tick)
  • This will display the Blockdaemon Validator Details window
  • Blockdaemon’s public validator address is terravaloper155x8vngnz4u2ce3fs6dvu027v8w90jqdjtdp3h

Blockdaemon Validator Details

Step 3 – Connect Wallet

  • Click on the Delegate button

My LUNA Delegations

  • This will take you to the Delegate window


  • Enter the amount of LUNA tokens you want to delegate.
  • Click on the blue Connect Wallet button

Connect Wallet

  • Click Wallet Connect
  • Then click Connect

Connect to application

  • This will open the Delegate window

Submit LUNA delegation

Step 4 – Delegate to Blockdaemon

  • Enter the amount of LUNA you want to delegate to Blockdaemon
  • Click submit
  • This will display a pop-up window
  • Enter your wallet’s password
  • Click post if you’re happy to delegate your tokens to the Blockdaemon validator

Post LUNA Delegation

Step 5 – Transaction Confirmation

  • Wait a few seconds for the transaction to be processed by the Terra network. 

Broadcasting Transaction

  • A pop-up will now appear to confirm your staking has been successful, including a Tx hash as proof.
  • Next, click Confirm 


Congratulations. You are now participating in the Cosmos network

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