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Important Ubiquity Update: Action Required

Ubiquity V1 Now Available
Ubiquity V2 / V3 Deprecated
Action Required
Ubiquity V1 Benefits

Ubiquity V1 Now Available

A new and improved version of our Ubiquity API suite is now available for you to use.

This version is Ubiquity V1 and replaces your previously used Beta version V2 / V3 endpoints.

You can find a list of supported protocols and endpoints here: Ubiquity Protocol Matrix

Ubiquity V2 / V3 Deprecated

With the release of Ubiquity V1, the V2 and V3 endpoints have been deprecated.

V2 and V3 are no longer in active development and we strongly recommend you use the Ubiquity V1 endpoints.

Action Required

Ubiquity users should migrate to Ubiquity V1 Endpoints.

To do this, just change the API version number in the Ubiquity endpoint calls from your previous version (either V2 or V3) to V1.

For example, here is the old V2 endpoint for getting an overview of supported protocols and networks:

You should change it to the following:

This change must be made wherever you call the Universal API and Specialized APIs endpoints.

Please Note: A new endpoint for Native RPC Access is also available.

Ubiquity V1 benefits

Ubiquity V1 unifies many exciting improvements that have been made to the API suite, creating a single, seamless user experience and marking a new chapter in Ubiquity’s product journey.

Blockdaemon’s world-class blockchain engineering team has re-built Ubiquity to provide an even stronger blockchain foundation than ever before:

  • Enhanced Filtering Capabilities
  • Reduced Latency
  • Improved UTXO Handling
  • Improved Usability
  • More Endpoints Available

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