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  • Evmos Overview
  • Blockdaemon Evmos Solutions

Evmos Overview

Evmos is an EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) based blockchain that runs in the Cosmos ecosystem.

Due to its dual nature, Evmos dapps can interface with smart contracts on all compatible Ethereum and Cosmos chains. This cross-chain functionality allows powerful multi-protocol dapps without complex bridging technologies.

Blockdaemon Evmos Solutions

Blockdaemon has worked hand-in-hand with the Evmos team. We have developed robust solutions to help secure the network and allow easy developer access:

Blockdaemon Genesis Validator

As with all of our validators, this provides a best-in-class staking solution. It is backed by our 4 tiered security approach and includes slashing insurance for peace of mind. If you want to earn Evmos with low risk and high rewards, the Blockdaemon Genesis Validator is the only choice.

Blockdaemon Public High Availability (HA) RPC Cluster

This provides a scalable and reliable way to interact with Evmos, without the need to run your own nodes. This is a perfect solution for those with unpredictable transaction throughput. The virtually limitless scalability avoids the need to quickly ramp up/down

Blocdaemon Full Node Support

We provide fully managed Evmos nodes on our robust and environmentally friendly blockchain infrastructure. This service is great if you need one or more Evmos nodes, but don’t have the time or capability to manage them.

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