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GET a List of Your Staking Plans

The Staking Integration API enables custodians and crypto-savvy traders to use a standardized and trusted API. This automates transaction signing and enables the scaling of the solution over time.

The Staking Integration API endpoint in this page allows you to get a list of your staking plans.

Staking plans are created by Blockdaemon on your behalf. They are a means to deploy white-label validators or get access to public Blockdaemon validators (depending on the protocol being used in the staking API).

GET a List of Your Staking Plans
Authentication Using API Key as an X-API-Key

GET a List of Your Staking Plans

Returns the list of staking plans that you have set up across all protocols.

If you do not yet have a staking plan, please contact Blockdaemon sales to get started with our industry-leading staking API.

Note: You need to authorize your request via an API key provided when signing up for a staking account.

Path Parameters

There are no path parameters for this endpoint.

Query Parameters

  • mev_enabled: Boolean. Filtering whether MEV is on/off
  • protocols: Array of strings. Filtering protocols
  • networks: Array of strings. Filtering networks
  • providers: Array. Filtering providers
  • regions: Array of strings. Filtering regions
  • page:Which page to view
  • per_page:How many items to include on a page

Response Example

The following is a typical response from POST Create a New Stake Intent (V1):

  "pagination": {
    "page": 0,
    "per_page": 0,
    "total": 0
  "plans": [
      "id": "plan_Wgx98Rbi8nQuL9ddn3mTk1",
      "customer_id": "BitcoinSatoshi-xUYJbPw9hw",
      "protocol": "ethereum",
      "network": "mainnet",
      "provider": null,
      "region": "string",
      "minimum": 0,
      "config": {
        "suggested_fee_recipient": "string",
        "mev": {
          "id": "string",
          "enabled": true
        "type": "static"
      "total_pending": 0,
      "total_available": 0,
      "total_active": 0,
      "staking_plan_type": "white-label",
      "title": "string",
      "<span class="property token string">total_reserved"</span>: <span class="token number">0</span>

Authentication Using API Key as an X-API-Key

When signing up for a staking account, you are provided with an API key.

To authenticate a Staking API request, pass your API key in the X-API-Key header:

Get -X POST \
'' \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \

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