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Post Bootstrapping Intent

The Staking Integration API endpoint described on this page allows you to create an account bootstrapping intent:

POST Create a New Bootstrapping Intent
Authentication Using API Key as an X-API-Key
Polygon API Usage Example
Polygon API User Journey

POST Create a New Bootstrapping Intent{protocol}/{network}/bootstrapping-intents

Creates a new account bootstrapping intent transaction.

Returns an unsigned transaction that sets up the user’s wallet for delegation. It is required to sign and send this transaction only once, the very first time the user is going to delegate. If this step is not completed, any subsequent delegation transactions will fail.

Learn more: Polygon API Usage Example, Polygon API User Journey

Note: You need to authorize your request via an API key provided when signing up for a staking account.

Path Parameters

You should specify a protocol and a network as path parameters, e.g.:

  • polygon/prater

Supported Networks

Here is a full list of supported networks with their path parameters:

Protocol Network Path parameters
Polygon Mainnet polygon/mainnet
Polygon Prater polygon/prater

Example Query
To create a new bootstrapping intent in the Polygon Prater, use the following:

Request Body

In the request body you need to specify the following:

Example Request Body

    "wallet_address": "0x5c63B71F47dfA807aa6a8705e5cf134f4c3Afd8a"

Example Response

The following is a typical response from POST Create a New Bootstrapping Intent:

    "customer_id": "3bcf0d33-cb47",
    "network": "prater",
    "polygon": {
        "to": "0x499d11E0b6eAC7c0593d8Fb292DCBbF815Fb29Ae",
        "unsigned_transaction": "0x095ea7b300000000000000000000000000200ea4ee292e253e6ca07dba5edc07c8aa37a3ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff",
        "wallet_address": "0x5c63B71F47dfA807aa6a8705e5cf134f4c3Afd8a"
    "protocol": "polygon"

Authentication Using API Key as an X-API-Key

When signing up for a staking account, you are provided with an API key.

To authenticate a Staking API request, pass your API key in the X-API-Key header:

curl -X POST \
'' \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-d '{"wallet_address": "0x5c63B71F47dfA807aa6a8705e5cf134f4c3Afd8a"}'

Polygon API Usage Example

In this section you will find a TypeScript example showing how to send a Polygon transaction using the Polygon Staking Integration API:

Polygon API User Journey

In this section you will find a typical user journey for Polygon Staking Integration API:

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