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Post Rewards Withdrawal Intent

The Staking Integration API endpoint described on this page allows you to create a rewards withdrawal intent:

POST Create a New Withdrawal Rewards Intent
Authentication Using API Key as an X-API-Key
Polygon API Usage Example
Polygon API User Journey

POST Create a New Rewards Withdrawal Intent{protocol}/{network}/rewards/withdrawal-intents

Creates a new withdrawal intent that withdraws (unstakes) only the accumulated reward. Staked tokens stay untouched and keep earning rewards.

Learn more: Polygon API Usage Example, Polygon API User Journey

Note: You need to authorize your request via an API key provided when signing up for a staking account.

Path Parameters

You should specify a protocol and a network as path parameters, e.g.:

  • polygon/prater

Supported Networks

Here is a full list of supported networks with their path parameters:

Protocol Network Path parameters
Polygon Mainnet polygon/mainnet
Polygon Prater polygon/prater

Example Query
To create a new withdrawal rewards intent in the Polygon Prater, use the following:

Request Body

In the request body you need to specify the following:

Example Request Body

    "wallet_address": "0x5c63B71F47dfA807aa6a8705e5cf134f4c3Afd8a"

Example Response

The following is a typical response from POST Create a New Rewards Withdrawal Intent:

    "customer_id": "3bcf0d33-cb47",
    "network": "mainnet",
    "polygon": {
        "to": "0x75605B4F7C52e37b4f37121DC4529b08dFC76b39",
        "unsigned_transaction": "0xc7b8981c",
        "wallet_address": "0x5c63B71F47dfA807aa6a8705e5cf134f4c3Afd8a"
    "protocol": "polygon"

Authentication Using API Key as an X-API-Key

When signing up for a staking account, you are provided with an API key.

To authenticate a Staking API request, pass your API key in the X-API-Key header:

curl -X POST \
'' \
-d '{"wallet_address": "0x5c63B71F47dfA807aa6a8705e5cf134f4c3Afd8a"}'

Polygon API Usage Example

In this section you will find a TypeScript example showing how to send a Polygon transaction using the Polygon Staking Integration API:

Polygon API User Journey

In this section you will find a typical user journey for Polygon Staking Integration API:

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