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Blockdaemon Documentation

Stake Cardano (ADA) with Fireblocks

It’s easy to stake your ADA tokens to Blockdaemon using Fireblocks.

Fireblocks have developed a repository containing the Cardano staking SDK. This allows you to choose a supported staking provider such as Blockdaemon.

Note: Cardano staking is only supported through the Fireblocks API (not UI).

How To Stake Cardano via Fireblocks

Follow these steps to Stake Cardano with Blockdaemon via Fireblocks:

  1. Access Cardano Fireblocks Staking SDK.
  2. Select Blockdaemon staking pools 0-3.

Note: If pools 0 – 3 are fully saturated, then select the next available pool(s).

Blockdaemon Cardano Staking Pools

Here are the Blockdaemon Cardano staking pool addresses:

Pool 0


Pool 1


Pool 2


Pool 3


Pool 4


Pool 5


Pool 6


Additional Guidance

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