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Stake Tezos (XTZ) with Fireblocks

It’s easy to stake your XTZ tokens to Blockdaemon using Fireblocks.

Note: Tezos staking is only supported through the Fireblocks API (not UI).

To stake your XTZ with Fireblocks,  run the following script with your own params:

import fs from "fs";
import path from "path";
import { FireblocksSDK } from "fireblocks-sdk";
import { setDelegate } from "./src/xtz-staker";

const apiSecret = fs.readFileSync(path.resolve(__dirname, "secret_key_path"), "utf8"); 
const apiKey = "api_key"; 
const fireblocks = new FireblocksSDK(apiSecret, apiKey);

//Consts for delegation:

// Tezos Public RPC url
const url: string = ""; //testnet:
const destination: string = "baker_address";   
const vaultAccountId = 'vault_account_id'
const reveal = false;
/* Set Delegate Operation: 
    1. FireblocksSDK instance
    2. Tezos public RPC url
    3. Destination baker's address (tz1...)
    4. Vault account ID of the source 
    5. Reveal - "true" in case the source address should be revealed (No any historical outgoing transaction) 
    NOTE: "REVEAL" should be done only on the FIRST OUTGOING source wallet’s operation. 
    NOTE: For undelegate - pass empty string as destination 

setDelegate(fireblocks, url, tz1fPKAtsYydh4f1wfWNfeNxWYu72TmM48fu, vaultAccountId, reveal);

This script uses the Tezos Staking SDK, provided by Fireblocks.

Blockdaemon Tezos Baker Address


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