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Historical Data

Supported Protocols and Networks


The Ubiquity API Suite provides access to historical data for selected blockchain protocols via:

  • Universal API historical data: Using custom indexers
  • Native Access API historical data: Using archive and full history nodes

This allows you to interrogate all the complete history of transactions on supported protocols.

Supported Protocols and Networks

In the table below you will find the full list of supported protocols and networks for which historical data is available.

Note: The availability of historical data depends on the Ubiquity API version: V1 or V2. Within a version, historical data is supported across all endpoints.

ProtocolNetworkV1V2Historical data
AlgorandMainnetFull historyV1: last ~1000 blocks
BitcoinMainnetFull history
TestnetFull history
Bitcoin CashMainnetFull history
TestnetFull history
DiemMainnetFull history
DogecoinMainnetFull history
TestnetFull history
EthereumMainnetFull history
RopstenFull history
LitecoinMainnetFull history
TestnetFull history
NEARMainnetFull historygenesis block: 9820210
OasisMainnetFull historygenesis block: 8048956
PolkadotMainnetFull history
SolanaMainnetFull history
StellarMainnetFull historygenesis block: 1
TerraMainnetPartial historylast ~2000000 blocks
TestnetPartial historylast ~2000000 blocks
TezosMainnetFull history
XRPMainnetPartial historyV2: last ~1000000 blocks, V1: ~2000

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