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About Ubiquity Native RPC Access API
Compute Units
Native Endpoint Structure
Supported Protocols and Methods

About Ubiquity Native RPC Access API

With Ubiquity Native RPC Access API, you can interact with multiple major protocols through their own native APIs.

Native RPC Access allows you to expand the functionality provided by Ubiquity Universal API. The Universal API provides a single, universal API, and the Native Access API allows you to go deeper into a specific blockchain.

This flexible and scalable API can be used for your existing applications: just point your calls to Ubiquity.

Compute Units

Ubiquity usage is measured in Compute Units.

In earlier versions of Ubiquity, usage was based on the number of transactions made and we treated all transactions equally. However, different transactions and protocols require different levels of computational power.

We implemented Compute Units to provide a fairer, more transparent solution.

To learn more about Compute Units, see: Compute Units

Native Endpoint Structure

The URL structure for Ubiquity Native API endpoints is as follows:{protocol}/{network}/native

Note: If you created your Ubiquity API Key before September 2022, use the legacy Ubiquity URL:{protocol}/{network}/native

Learn how to authorize your request: Authentication Guide

Some protocols require additional path parameters. The type of request (POST / GET) also depends on the protocol and API. See Supported Native Methods to learn more.


To retrieve the current block number in Ethereum Mainnet, use the following POST request:

In the body of the request, specify:

{"jsonrpc": "2.0", "method": "eth_blockNumber", "params": [], "id": 83}

You will get the block number in hexadecimal format: 0xd849f4.

Supported Protocols

You can find all methods available for each protocol here: Supported Native Methods

The following protocols are supported:

Protocol Network
Acala Mainnet
Algorand Mainnet
Avalanche Mainnet
Base Testnet
Bitcoin Mainnet, Testnet
Bitcoin Cash Mainnet, Testnet
Celo Mainnet
Cronos Mainnet
Dogecoin Mainnet, Testnet
Ethereum Mainnet, Goerli, Ropsten
Karura Mainnet
Kusama Mainnet
Litecoin Mainnet, Testnet
NEAR Mainnet
Oasis Mainnet
Optimism Mainnet
Polkadot Mainnet, Westend
Polygon Mainnet
Solana Mainnet, Testnet
Stellar Mainnet
Tezos Mainnet
XRP Mainnet

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