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GET NFT Collections Search by Name

GET NFT Collections Search by Name (V1)
Path Parameters
Query Parameters
Example Queries
Example Response

GET NFT Collections Search by Name (V1){protocol}/{network}/collections/search

Returns NFT collections with names matching a given search string (see required parameters). The response includes top 50 most relevant results, sorted in descending order.

Learn how to authorize your request: Authentication Guide


  • Blockdaemon collects NFT information and data from various third-party sources (“NFT Content”). We do not create, own, or control NFT Content and we do not routinely monitor NFT Content for violations of these Terms. You acknowledge that Blockdaemon has no responsibility or liability related to NFT Content and agree that you must evaluate, and decide for yourself if you wish to use any NFT Content.
  • To get more information about a particular collection, use GET NFT Collection by ID (V1).

Path Parameters

You should specify a protocol and a network as path parameters, e.g.:

  • ethereum/mainnet

Query Parameters

Required Parameters

To search by collection name, use:

  • parameter: name
  • value: e.g. bored ape


  • Search is case insensitive.
  • A search string must be between 1 and 50 characters.
  • The current implementation does not support Unicode characters.

Example Queries

The following query provides a useful example for GET NFT Collections Search by Name (V1).

To search Ethereum Mainnet collections by name (bored ape), use the following query: ape

The query will return collections with matching names:

  • Basic Bored Ape Club
  • Bored Ape Comic
  • Bored Ape Yacht Club
  • Bored Ape Mountain Club
  • Bored Awesome Apes
  • Bored Crypto Apes
  • Bored Eminape Yacht Club
  • The Bored Ape Punk Club
  • BoredApeDinoClub
  • etc.

See also: How to Find a Collection by Name and Get Its Assets

Example Response

The following is a typical response from GET NFT Collections Search by Name (V1):

    "data": [
            "id": "86c152df-55e6-562d-a868-51cc72771efb",
            "name": "Bored Ape Yacht Club",
            "logo": "",
            "contracts": [
            "verified": true
        {...more collections...}


  • One collection can include multiple contracts, so the contracts field returns an array.
  • For the top 100 popular collections, image URLs are returned in the logo field. All images are stored by Blockdaemon, which allows you to quickly access them (authentication required). The popularity of a collection is calculated from its total volume.

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