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Ubiquity NFT URL
Path Parameters
Example Queries



Returns media associated with an NFT asset or collection by a given media path.

Supported media types include images, animations, and videos.

Developer documentation: GET NFT Media
Learn how to authorize your request: Authentication Guide


  • Media is available for the top popular collections and is cached by Blockdaemon for quick access. The popularity of a collection is calculated from its total volume.
  • Blockdaemon collects NFT information and data from various third-party sources (“NFT Content”). We do not create, own, or control NFT Content and we do not routinely monitor NFT Content for violations of these Terms. You acknowledge that Blockdaemon has no responsibility or liability related to NFT Content and agree that you must evaluate, and decide for yourself if you wish to use any NFT Content.

Ubiquity URL

To run a query, add your Ubiquity NFT URL. For most users this will be:


An example of this is shown below:{protocol}/{network}/media/{path}

Note: If you created your Ubiquity API Key before September 2022, add the legacy Ubiquity NFT URL:


An example of this is shown below:{protocol}/{network}/media/{path}

Path Parameters

You should specify a protocol and a network as path parameters, e.g.:

  • ethereum/mainnet

It is also required to add a media path at the end of your query. Media paths provide a media file and location.

Media Path Example 1


Media Path Example 2


Note: Media paths are returned by the following endpoints:

Endpoint Field
GET NFT Assets image_url
GET NFT Asset image_url
GET All NFT Collections logo, banner
GET NFT Collections Search by Name logo, banner
GET NFT Collection logo, banner

Example Queries

The queries in this section provide useful examples for GET NFT Media.

For more details, visit:

Get the Image Associated with an Asset

To get the image associated with a token in the Ethereum Mainnet network, use the following query:

Get the Logo of a Collection

To get the logo of a collection in the Ethereum Mainnet network, use the following query:

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