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NFT API Major Updates

We are constantly working on refining Ubiquity NFT API to make user experience more effective.

Please note that recently we have released some major updates affecting all Ubiquity NFT endpoints. We have also added two new endpoints.

See the following sections to find out more:

What’s New

New Response Schema and Endpoints

Endpoints for getting lists of assets, events, and collections now return cleaner responses with less information:

To get more details about a particular asset, event, or collection, you should use the following endpoints:

To learn more, see new NFT tutorials:

Image Retrieval Service

Authentication is now required to access images associated with assets and collections.

See these tutorials to learn more:

Wallet Filter for Assets

GET NFT Assets and GET NFT Asset by ID no longer returns wallet lists by default.

To display wallets if needed, you use a new query parameter (wallet filter).

Coming Soon

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