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Ethereum API

Native Ethereum RPC Methods
Ubiquity Universal API
Ubiquity NFT API
Ubiquity Specialized APIs
Historical Data
Available Assets

Native Ethereum RPC Methods

You can use native Ethereum methods via the Ubiquity Native Access API.

Here you can find the methods available for Ethereum as well as information on how to access them and usage examples: Supported Ethereum Methods

Ubiquity Universal API

With Ubiquity Universal API you can access multiple protocols through a single, standard API.

The API streamlines your blockchain activities, reducing developer effort and returning consistent results across all protocols.

Ubiquity Universal API for Ethereum includes functionality covering:

Ubiquity also provides a WebSockets endpoint for streaming a live feed of Ethereum data. Visit Ubiquity Websockets documentation for more information.


The Ubiquity NFT API provides a single interface to a wealth of Ethereum NFT data.

With a few simple endpoints, the NFT API allows you to:

  • Access consistent multi-source NFT Data with a single request
  • View combined on-chain and off-chain NFT Data via a single source
  • Verify NFT ownership and authenticity
  • The Ubiquity NFT API simplifies NFT data, removing the effort and complexity.

The NFT API is currently available for Public Beta access. Click here to learn more.

Ubiquity Specialized APIs

The following specialized APIs are available for Ethereum:

Historical Data

The Ubiquity API Suite provides access to universal and native historical data for Ethereum.

To learn more, visit Ubiquity Historical Data documentation.

Available Assets

For the list of available Ethereum assets, see Available Currencies and Tokens.

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