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Blockdaemon Documentation

Ubiquity Compute Units

Ubiquity usage is measured in Compute Units.

In earlier versions of Ubiquity, usage was based on the number of transactions made and we treated all transactions equally. However, different transactions and protocols require different levels of computational power.

We implemented Compute Units to provide a fairer, more transparent solution.

More information on Compute Units is included below:

Transaction Categories

We have now categorized all transactions according to the following table:

Transaction Category Compute Unit Value
XS 1
S 3
M 5
L 8
XL 21
Egress Custom
Batch Queries Custom

Compute Units Per Ubiquity Tier

Each Ubiquity pricing tier contains a Compute Units limit. Any additional usage above the specified amount will incur an overage fee. This information can be found in the table below:

Tier Free  Growth Enterprise 
Monthly Compute Units 15M 250M Custom

Universal API Compute Unit Values

Name Path Type Value
Get Platform Info /v1/ Fixed XS
Get Protocol Info /v1/ethereum/mainnet Fixed XS
Get Sync Info /v1/ethereum/mainnet/sync/block_number


Fixed XS
Get Block /v1/ethereum/mainnet/block/10000 Bytes Determined on size of block*
Get Block Identifiers /v1/ethereum/mainnet/block_identifiers Paginated S
Get Block Identifier /v1/ethereum/mainnet/block_identifiers/100000 Fixed S
Get Account /v1/ethereum/mainnet/account/abcdefg Fixed M
Get Account Transactions /v1/ethereum/mainnet/account/abcdefg/txs Paginated S
Get Multiple Accounts /v1/ethereum/mainnet/accounts Fixed L
Get Transactions /v1/ethereum/mainnet/txs Paginated S
Get Transaction /v1/ethereum/mainnet/txs/abcd Fixed S
Get UTXO /v1/bitcoin/mainnet/tx/abcd/0 Fixed M
Account Report /v1/ethereum/mainnet/account/abcdefg/report Fixed XL
Estimate Fee /v1/ethereum/mainnet/tx/estimate_fee Fixed S
Send Transaction /v1/ethereum/mainnet/tx/send Fixed M
Get TX Confirmations /v1/ethereum/mainnet/tx/abcs/confirmations Fixed S

Native Access API Compute Unit Values

Bitcoin & Alts

Name Value
   getbestblockhash XS
   getblock S
   getblockchaininfo XS
   getblockcount XS
   getblockfilter S
   getblockhash XS
   getblockheader S
   getblockstats L
   getchaintips L
   getchaintxstats S
   getdifficulty XS
   getmempoolancestors S
   getmempooldescendants S
   getmempoolentry S
   getmempoolinfo S
   getrawmempool M
   gettxout S
   gettxoutproof M
   gettxoutsetinfo XL
   createrawtransaction M
   decoderawtransaction M
   decodescript M
   getrawtransaction M
   sendrawtransaction XL
   testmempoolaccept S
   estimatefee L
   estimatesmartfee L
    validateaddress XS
    verifymessage XS

Rosetta Chains (Oasis)

Name Value
   account/balance S
   account/coins S
   block M
   block/transaction XS
   call M
   construction/combine S
   construction/derive S
   construction/hash S
   construction/metadata S
   construction/parse S
   construction/payloads S
   construction/preprocess S
   construction/submit L
   mempool L
   mempool/transaction S
   network/.* XS

Substrate (DOT, KSM)

Name Value
   babe_epochAuthorship S
   chain_getBlockHash XS
   chain_getFinalizedHead XS
   chain_getHeader S
   childstate_getKeys M
   childstate_getKeysPaged M
   childstate_getStorage M
   childstate_getStorageEntries M
   childstate_getStorageHash XS
   childstate_getStorageSize XS
   contracts_call M
   contracts_getStorage M
   contracts_instantiate L
   contracts_rentProjection S
   contracts_upload_code L
   grandpa_proveFinality S
   grandpa_roundState XS
   mmr_generateBatchProof S
   mmr_generateProof S
   offchain_localStorageGet S
   offchain_localStorageSet XL
   payment_queryFeeDetails S
   payment_queryInfo S
   rpc_methods XS
   state_call S
   state_getChildKeys S
   state_getChildReadProof S
   state_getChildStorage S
   state_getChildStorageHash S
   state_getChildStorageSize S
   state_getKeys S
   state_getKeysPaged S
   state_getMetadata M
   state_getPairs S
   state_getReadProof S
   state_getRuntimeVersion S
   state_getStorage S
   state_getStorageHash S
   state_getStorageSize S
   state_queryStorage S
   state_queryStorageAt S
   state_traceBlock XL
   state_trieMigrationStatus XL
   sync_state_genSyncSpec XL
   system_accountNextIndex S
   system_addReservedPeer S
   system_chain XS
   system_chainType XS
   system_dryRun M
   system_health XS
   system_localListenAddresses XL
   system_localPeerId S
   system_name XS
   system_networkState XS
   system_nodeRoles XS
   system_peers S
   system_properties XS
   system_removeReservedPeer XL
   system_reservedPeers XL
   system_resetLogFilter S
   system_syncState XS
   system_version XS


Name Value
    .*/blocks$ L
   blocks/.*/header XS
   blocks/.*/extrinsics/.* S
   blocks/.* S
    .*/transaction$ L
   transaction/dry-run S
   transaction/fee-estmate M
   transaction/material S
   accounts/.* S
   paras M
   node/network S
   node/transaction-pool M
   node/version S
   experimental L
   pallets/assets/.*/asset-info S
   pallets/staking/progress M
   pallets/.*/storage M
   pallets/.*/storage/.* S
   runtime/.* XS

Algorand Rest

Name Value
   accounts/.* M
   ^accounts$ M
   transactions/.* S
   ^transactions$ M
   blocks/.*/transactions M
   blocks/.* L
   applications/.* S
   assets/.* S
   ^assets$ L

Ethereum RPC (Including Celo, Avalanche and Optimism)

Name Value
   eth_getBlockByHash S
   eth_getBlockByNumber S
   eth_blockNumber XS
   eth_getTransactionCount M
   eth_getTransactionByHash S
   eth_getTransactionReceipt S
   eth_getTransactionByBlockHashAndIndex S
   eth_getTransactionByBlockNumberAndIndex S
   eth_getBlockTransactionCountByHash S
   eth_getBlockTransactionCountByNumber S
   eth_getUncleByBlockNumberAndIndex S
   eth_getUncleByBlockHashAndIndex S
   eth_getUncleCountByBlockHash S
   eth_getUncleCountByBlockNumber S
   eth_call M
   eth_getLogs L
   eth_getProof S
   eth_protocolVersion XS
   eth_sendRawTransaction XL
   eth_gasPrice S
   eth_estimateGas L
   eth_feeHistory XS
   eth_maxPriorityFeePerGas XS
   eth_chainId XS
   net_version XS
   eth_getBalance S
   eth_getFilterChanges S
   eth_getFilterLogs L
   web3_clientVersion XS

Near RPC

Name Value
   query S
   block S
   EXPERIMENTAL_changes_in_block M
   gas_price S
   EXPERIMENTAL_genesis_config M
   status S
   broadcast_tx_async L
   broadcast_tx_commit XL
   tx S
   EXPERIMENTAL_tx_status M

Solana RPC

Name Value
   getAccountInfo S
   getBalance S
   getBlock M
   getBlockHeight XS
   getBlockProduction XS
   getBlockCommitment XS
   getBlocks S
   getBlocksWithLimit S
   getBlockTime XS
   getClusterNodes M
   getEpochInfo XS
   getEpochSchedule XS
   getFeeForMessage S
   getFirstAvailableBlock XS
   getGenesisHash XS
   getHealth XS
   getHighestSnapshotSlot XS
   getIdentity XS
   getInflationGovernor S
   getInflationRate S
   getInflationReward S
   getLargestAccounts L
   getLatestBlockhash XS
   getLeaderSchedule M
   getMaxRetransmitSlot XS
   getMaxShredInsertSlot XS
   getMinimumBalanceForRentExemption S
   getMultipleAccounts L
   getProgramAccounts L
   getRecentPerformanceSamples M
   getSignaturesForAddress S
   getSignatureStatuses M
   getSlot S
   getSlotLeader S
   getSlotLeaders S
   getStakeActivation S
   getSupply S
   getTokenAccountBalance S
   getTokenAccountsByDelegate M
   getTokenAccountsByOwner M
   getTokenLargestAccounts L
   getTokenSupply S
   getTransaction S
   getTransactionCount XS
   getVersion XS
   getVoteAccounts M
   isBlockhashValid XS
   minimumLedgerSlot XS
   requestAirdrop M
   sendTransaction L
   simulateTransaction M

Stellar Rest

Name Value
   ^transactions$ L
   transactions/.* S
   accounts/.* S
   ^accounts$ M
   ledgers/.*/transactions M
   ledgers/.*/payments M
   ledgers/.*/operations M
   ledgers/.*/effects S
   ledgers/.* S
   operations/.* S
   ^operations$ S
   ^payments$ S
   ^effects$ S
   offers/.* S
   ^offers$ M
   claimable_balances S
   liquidity_pools S
   ^trades$ L
   ^assets$ M

Tezos RPC

Name Value
   chains S
   config XS
   fetch_protocol S
   injection M
   monitor S
   network S
   protocols S
   stats S
   workers S
   errors XL


Name Value
   account_channels S
   account_currencies M
   account_info S
   account_lines M
   account_nfts M
   account_objects L
   account_offers L
   account_tx L
   gateway_balances M
   noripple_check S
   ledger M
   ledger_closed XS
   ledger_current XS
   ledger_data M
   ledger_entry M
   submit L
   submit_multisigned L
   transaction_entry S
   tx S
   book_offers S
   deposit_authorized S
   nft_buy_offers M
   nft_sell_offers M
   path_find S
   ripple_path_find M
   channel_authorize M
   channel_verify M

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