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Universal API

About Ubiquity Universal API
Supported Protocols
Developer Documentation

About Ubiquity Universal API

With Ubiquity Universal API, you can easily interact with multiple major protocols through a single, universal API.

The Universal API makes it easy to interact with multiple blockchains. Ubiquity provides a versatile multi-protocol abstraction layer. This includes:

  • Standardized protocol access in a unified format
  • One Single REST API to query multiple protocols
  • SDK support in multiple programming languages
  • Websockets for real-time streaming updates

The Universal API lets you scale from zero to multiple blockchain protocols – quickly, easily and securely.

Supported Protocols

Ubiquity Protocol Matrix

See Ubiquity Protocol Matrix to find all Ubiquity V1 endpoints available for the supported protocols and networks.

Developer Documentation

You can view developer documentation here: Ubiquity Developer Documentation

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