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Crypto Optimized Infrastructure

Built for Blockchain Access

Unleash your potential with our combination of bare metal and cloud infrastructure

Blockdaemon’s Crypto Optimized Infrastructure gives you fast, scalable, and flexible blockchain access.

  • Built for DeFi

    Blockdaemon gives you a rapid and agile DeFi onramp.

    • Cloud nodes provide scalability and rapid, flexible node deployment. This allows you to get started and ramp up as quickly as possible.

    • Bare metal nodes provide low latency and clean routing. This gives you the fastest possible DeFi transaction rates.

    • Blockdaemon constantly monitors the flow of traffic across all major protocols, optimizing transaction routes to execute your transactions at speed.

  • Security First

    Crypto Optimized Infrastructure is engineered for maximum security.

    • Our bare metal nodes use top tier data centers and are ISO 27001 certified.

    • We keep your nodes safe, with 50+ terabit DDoS protection, ensuring bad actors can’t impact your rewards by taking your nodes offline.

    • Our cloud nodes are decentralized across 10 top-tier hosting partners with institutional-grade security, including Google, Amazon and IBM.

  • Fully Managed Blockchain Infrastructure

    High-performance blockchains rely on high-performance infrastructure.

    • Our nodes are fully managed by our expert team of engineers, from the software stack all the way down to the cloud instances and bare metal hardware.

    • We manage all node updates, so you don’t have to.

    • Enjoy the best possible service, lead by our full-time team of infrastructure experts.

Decentralized Infrastructure

Blockdaemon Crypto Optimized Infrastructure is globally distributed across enterprise-grade data centers.

Advantages of Decentralization

  • There Where You Need Us

    Easily expand your global footprint and maintain performance with Blockdaemon’s highly distributed infrastructure. Blockdaemon is committed to quality, so no matter where you deploy with us, you can expect the same industry-leading performance.

    Our international presence provides ready-made solutions for companies setting up operations in a local market, and we’re here to expand with you when your business goes global.

  • Resilient Blockchain Access

    More locations = Greater resilience. We leverage globally distributed, independent Tier 3 data centers to provide the best possible uptime. All regions are air-gapped from each other, ensuring that downtime won’t affect multiple regions in case disaster strikes.

  • Crypto-Optimized Locations

    Blockdaemon selects edge data centers that are least used by the rest of the crypto ecosystem, ensuring decentralized staking. Think of it as building highways that get you to where you need to go, with the least amount of traffic possible.

Environmentally Conscious Infrastructure

Blockdaemon Bare Metal Nodes can help you achieve your ESG initiatives. Our environmentally friendly bare metal blockchain infrastructure uses renewable energy wherever possible. We only open new data centers with environmentally friendly credentials. We only use cloud partners who share our commitment to green energy.

Our Crypto Optimized Infrastructure is powered by clean energy including wind and hydro.

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