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Try Algorand on Blockdaemon Algorand is a Pure Proof of Stake blockchain that is open-source and decentralized. Algorand brings fast transaction finality to high-performing smart contracts, with security and scalability.

Why Use Blockdaemon? Blockdaemon is the Total Node Management Solution

Blockdaemon guarantees peace of mind, as you never have to worry about maintaining or upgrading your nodes ever again — we look after all of that for you. Our finger is constantly on the pulse of each blockchain we support to ensure all of our nodes remain perfectly healthy. Our extensive experience across protocols lets us expertly monitor, repair and replace nodes where protocol level errors may occur. For any protocol updates needed, we look after these in advance so you never see any disruption in service.

Enterprise Level Security

Security is our top priority here at Blockdaemon. All nodes purchased through us are 100% customer dedicated. This means your node is yours exclusively. You’ll enjoy a dedicated node which has a unique address, its own unique connection and authentication key. Furthermore, these are never reused. We ensure your node is not open and exposed to anyone on the internet. Any nodes you’d like to add on additionally can be done so quickly and easily as well!

A Trusted Partner

Blockdaemon is by your side on your blockchain journey. We are the only infrastructure platform for blockchain nodes which offer multi-cloud and multi-geographical support, with just a few clicks. Want custom configurations and branded experiences? No problem, we provide a unified, whole-org, collaborative rollout to manage a complete network. Whatever your needs, we will work closely with you to deliver the solution you need.

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Algorand Key Features

Immediate Transaction Finality

Algorand is the first blockchain to achieve immediate transaction finality. This means that all transactions in Algorand are final. In some Proof of Work protocols forks may persist for hours when two nodes get a valid block simultaneously. However, when a block is decided by the Algorand protocol, this decision never changes. Users can be confident whatever blocks appear will be always part of the chain.


Algorand’s Byzantine agreement protocol achieves consensus as soon as the block is propagated through the network. The network is scalable to billions with a high throughput, all without compromising the low cost that users of the network enjoy. Blocks finalize within seconds and total communication cost of the network scales linearly.


Algorand was designed to be as secure as possible from attackers. Users in the system who are asked to certify a new block are secretly selected, meaning an adversary cannot influence any block generators in the network. Secondly, new sets of users are selected automatically in each round of block certification. Targeting a block producer is not possible until those users have completed their task in achieving consensus, by which point any influence would be void.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Algorand uses two different types of nodes to optimize for decentralization and high throughput. The first are relay nodes. Relay nodes communicate with each other to route blocks to participation nodes. Participation nodes are responsible for proposing and voting on blocks. Relay nodes are run by entities from a wide range of backgrounds, across many different countries and continents.

  • A cryptographic selection process chooses users at random to propose blocks for a given round. Once a block is proposed, a committee votes on to accept or reject the block proposal. Once a super majority of votes come from honest participants, the block is added to the blockchain. Once a block is added to the ledger, the process repeats with a new set of proposers and voters.

  • Algorand rewards are earned in proportion to their stake in the system. Anyone with a wallet size larger than one Algo can receive rewards. This is because the protocol doesn’t decide who will create the next block based on mining or delegation. Rather, it selects 1,000 Algo tokens randomly. These are then claimed when the next round begins.

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