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Keep Blockdaemon provides full end-to-end node management and support for Keep, a bridge between the world of public blockchains and private data.

Why Use Blockdaemon? Blockdaemon is the Total Node Management Solution

Blockdaemon guarantees peace of mind, as you never have to worry about maintaining or upgrading your nodes ever again — we look after all of that for you. Our finger is constantly on the pulse of each blockchain we support to ensure all of our nodes remain perfectly healthy. Our extensive experience across protocols lets us expertly monitor, repair and replace nodes where protocol level errors may occur. For any protocol updates needed, we look after these in advance so you never see any disruption in service.

Enterprise Level Security

Security is our top priority here at Blockdaemon. All nodes purchased through us are 100% customer dedicated. This means your node is yours exclusively. You’ll enjoy a dedicated node which has a unique address, its own unique connection and authentication key. Furthermore, these are never reused. We ensure your node is not open and exposed to anyone on the internet. Any nodes you’d like to add on additionally can be done so quickly and easily as well!

A Trusted Partner

Blockdaemon is by your side on your blockchain journey. We are the only infrastructure platform for blockchain nodes which offer multi-cloud and multi-geographical support, with just a few clicks. Want custom configurations and branded experiences? No problem, we provide a unified, whole-org, collaborative rollout to manage a complete network. Whatever your needs, we will work closely with you to deliver the solution you need.

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Keep Key Features


The Keep network is a solution to privacy on public blockchains. Today, public blockchains cannot sufficiently or repeatedly maintain the privacy of the data involved in transactions. Keep solves this drawback by storing data in “Keeps” — off-chain containers that store private data.


Keep is designed to support an unlimited array of applications and to give members total freedom in choosing where to invest their resources and time. Keep members must “approve” any app on the network in order to be considered for work within that app. Each project will have its own specific parameters and requirements, and it’s up to KEEP holders to decide whether the specific incentives of each justify the risks and the time commitment.


KEEP is the native token of the Keep network. By staking KEEP, network participants can help secure the network and the applications built on top of it. Staking KEEP can generate significant rewards for stakers.

Multi-protocol Experience

We have extensive experience deploying ETH, BTC nodes,layer 2 protocols, and custom tooling which aids KEEP deployment, a privacy layer for Ethereum. We provide easy access to Ethereum mainnet, ETH's three major testnets (Ropsten, Rinkeby, Goerli), Bitcoin shared and dedicated nodes, Litecoin nodes, and multiple private networks which rely on community members to process transactions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • It is a work token – holding it confers the right to perform key functions on the network. This work is the computation and availability required to select and pull the network’s off-chain “keeps” together and to read the associated data. Token holders must delegate a minimum amount of KEEP as collateral in order to be eligible.

  • Staking works by giving token holders who stake their KEEP the right to perform certain work tasks on the network. Keep’s service of providing off-chain private computation relies on staking as a way to incentivize token holders to participate on the network.

  • Work opportunities are awarded randomly, but over time the amount of work a delegator is chosen for will be proportional to the amount of KEEP delegated. For example, a person delegating 1,000 KEEP could expect, over time, to be selected for work ten times as often as someone who delegates 100 KEEP, earning fees in proportion to the work they successfully perform.

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