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Try Stacks on Blockdaemon Blockdaemon provides full end-to-end node management and support for Stacks, a blockchain improving how developers work with Bitcoin.

Why Use Blockdaemon? Blockdaemon is the Total Node Management Solution

Blockdaemon guarantees peace of mind, as you never have to worry about maintaining or upgrading your nodes ever again — we look after all of that for you. Our finger is constantly on the pulse of each blockchain we support to ensure all of our nodes remain perfectly healthy. Our extensive experience across protocols lets us expertly monitor, repair and replace nodes where protocol level errors may occur. For any protocol updates needed, we look after these in advance so you never see any disruption in service.

Enterprise Level Security

Security is our top priority here at Blockdaemon. All nodes purchased through us are 100% customer dedicated. This means your node is yours exclusively. You’ll enjoy a dedicated node which has a unique address, its own unique connection and authentication key. Furthermore, these are never reused. We ensure your node is not open and exposed to anyone on the internet. Any nodes you’d like to add on additionally can be done so quickly and easily as well!

A Trusted Partner

Blockdaemon is by your side on your blockchain journey. We are the only infrastructure platform for blockchain nodes which offer multi-cloud and multi-geographical support, with just a few clicks. Want custom configurations and branded experiences? No problem, we provide a unified, whole-org, collaborative rollout to manage a complete network. Whatever your needs, we will work closely with you to deliver the solution you need.

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Stacks Key Features

Bitcoin First

All Stacks transactions settle on the Bitcoin blockchain, making apps and transactions as secure as a Bitcoin transaction. Apps on Stacks can include Bitcoin-based logic. Once deployed on Stacks and settled on Bitcoin, code can’t be taken down. This is essential for critical internet infrastructure.


Decentralized apps are open and connected by default. This enables developers to build on top of each other’s apps and prevents users from getting locked in. Anyone with an internet connection can use or build Stacks apps. You don’t need anyone’s permission and you can’t be blocked from Stacks.


Decentralized apps don’t store user data on centralized servers. Instead, data is owned by the user and can be taken from app to app.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Stacking is a critical part of the Stacks network. It helps Stacks reach consensus, stay secure, and process transactions. Stacking is part of the Proof of Transfer consensus mechanism.


    Proof of Transfer is a mining mechanism that provides a new take on consensus, allowing for a Proof of Work chain (in this case, Bitcoin) to be leveraged and extended in important new ways. All Stacks transactions settle on Bitcoin, and this enables Stacks transactions to benefit from Bitcoin’s security. Every Bitcoin block, Stacks transactions are batched and hashed on the Bitcoin blockchain.


    When you stack, you can earn Bitcoin every cycle (a collection of Bitcoin blocks). How much you’ll earn can vary from cycle to cycle depending on how much BTC miners transfer and how much STX participates.

  • Proof of Transfer is an upgrade to Proof of Work. With PoX, miners are not converting electricity and computing power to earn block rewards and transaction fees. Instead, they transfer Bitcoin, a proof-of-work currency, to holders of Stacks Token. This enables holders of Stacks Token to earn Bitcoin from consensus. This process is called Stacking. Leader election happens on Bitcoin and new blocks are written on the Stacks blockchain.

  • The Stacks blockchain is more flexible than Bitcoin and enables smart contracts, digital assets, and decentralized apps that connect back to Bitcoin. To work around Bitcoin’s limited speed, Stacks uses microblocks that result in near-instant confirmation on the Stacks blockchain. At the rate of the Bitcoin block time, these blocks will settle from Stacks to Bitcoin to provide the finality and security of Bitcoin. Scaling independently of Bitcoin ensures that Stacks transactions are fast enough for decentralized apps, while still benefiting from Bitcoin’s security and settlement.

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